Mission and Overview of the English Language Institute


The mission of Faulkner’s English Language Institute (ELI) is to provide an Intensive English Program in a caring Christian environment for non-native speakers of English to afford them the opportunity for employment and further academic pursuits.


Faulkner University’s English Language Institute (ELI) provides an Intensive English Language Program (IEP) for non-English speaking students to gain English proficiency, acclimate to American colleges, and enhance study skills for future academic pursuits and employment reasons. Faulkner’s English Language Institute is located on the university’s main campus in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Intensive English Program focuses on five language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. These are offered in three core subject areas: Listening and Speaking; Reading and Writing; and Grammar. Elective courses are also provided to address the special needs of students in areas such as TOEFL preparation, academic vocabulary, business English, pronunciation skills, accent reduction and American idioms.

Listening and Speaking

The courses in Listening & Speaking focus on teaching the English listening and speaking skills necessary for success in an American university environment or workplace. There are four levels, beginning with talking about present, past, and future events at the High-Beginner Level and participating in academic debates at the Advanced Level. The Listening/Speaking class includes meeting with a native English-speaking conversational partner on a weekly basis, a listening lab, and selections from debates, talks, and presentations.

Reading and Writing

The courses in Reading & Writing focus on the reading and writing skills necessary in academic and professional worlds. Students improve their writing skills by composing paragraphs, essays, and research papers, and their reading skills by exploring American articles, essays, poems, and short stories. At the Beginning Level, students learn to paraphrase sentences, write narrative paragraphs, and use multiple sentence structures. Students in the Advanced Level classes read and respond critically to readings, as well as write examination essays.


The courses in Grammar focus on common problem areas for ESL students. The classes begin with tag questions, past, continuous and future forms and common prepositions. At the Advanced Level, topics such as articles, noun clauses, and gerunds are taught. The classes are taught communicatively, giving attention to form and function. At the Advanced Level, attention is given to usage. Grammar taught in this course is designed to prepare students for success in their writing and speaking courses.


These experiences support the aforementioned three core subject areas – Listening and Speaking; Reading and Writing; and Grammar. Students will be required to register for a lab/tutorial for each level of the IEP program. The lab/tutorial hours (also 75 hours per semester) will be completed outside of the classroom in a variety of formats. Typically they are assigned projects by the instructors of the three core subject areas. Oftentimes, they will include computer assignments utilizing specialized software that accompany the text materials for each course. Additionally, a significant part of the lab/tutorial is the partnering of each student with a native English speaker to expose the student to conversational English.


Elective courses are available upon demand and need and cover a wide spectrum of subject areas. They are available only to students who are classified as High Intermediate or Advanced.