With a criminal justice degree, you’ll be able to pursue many jobs in an exciting field. But getting to campus can be hard for working adults, especially as you juggle family, friends, and community. At Faulkner University, a private, Christian liberal arts college located in Montgomery, Alabama, students can earn a bachelor’s in criminal justice online that prepares them to further their career, start a new one, or apply to graduate school. With online and hybrid options, it’s possible to earn a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice on your terms.

How to Apply

  1. Submit a completed online application.
  2. Complete and print the Official Transcript Request form and submit it to all previously attended schools with the appropriate fee.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all previous college work or a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on at least 12 hours taken with Faulkner.
  • Completion of entrance competencies as listed.
  • Minimum 23 years of age.


2023-2024 Financial Information

Tuition $325 per semester hour
General Fee $350 per semester ($250 if 11 hours or less)
Online Course Fee $75 per semester hour
Book Fee $185 per year
Applicable Course Fees see full tuition and fee schedule

Online Study with Expert Instructors and a Christian Point of View

Students who choose the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online program receive the same high-quality education delivered in-person at our Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville campuses. You’ll work with dedicated instructors who bring extensive field experience to the classroom. This expert perspective provides real-life insights as you prepare for the following criminal justice career paths:

  • Law enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Legal
  • Private security

Like all Faulkner University programs, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online utilizes a moral and ethical approach that centers on Christian values. Not only will the program provide the technical and theoretical information needed to excel, but it also provides a Christian framework to guide your career path.

A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Online Program with Flexibility

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online program may be completed fully online or in a hybrid learning format that combines online learning with classroom instruction. Each option is divided into six eight-week modules that must be completed within three semesters. This ensures students are ready to enter the field or pursue graduate education at an accelerated pace while maintaining their family and work commitments. Course modules include:

Module 6 (June 26 - Aug 20)

  • BCJ 3309 First Line Supervision
  • BCJ 4302 Courts
  • BCJ 4305 Special Issues**

Module 1* (August 21 - October 15)

  • BCJ 3312 Cyber Crime Investigations
  • BCJ 4301 Criminalistics**
  • BCJ 4303 CJ Ethics

Module 2 (October 16 - December 10)

  • BCJ 2331 Criminal Law
  • BCJ 3301 Criminology
  • BCJ 4307 Research Methods**

Module 3 (January 8 - March 3)

  • BCJ 3309 Terrorism
  • BCJ 3310 Corrections
  • BCJ 4306 Criminal Behavior Analysis**

Module 4 (March 4 - April 28)

  • BCJ 3304 Juvenile Justice
  • BCJ 3314 Community Based Policing
  • BCJ 4303 Interview and Interrogation**

Module 5 (April 29 - June 23)

  • BCJ 3305 Constitutional Law**
  • BCJ 3306 Private Security
  • BCJ 3324 Crisis Management

Please review our course descriptions and degree plan for more information about individual classes and the program’s structure.

*Noted courses are offered in hybrid format and fully online. Classes are offered once per year. Students can enter the program at the beginning of each module (January, March, April, June, August, and October) and complete the rotation from the point of entry.

**These courses are offered both in-person and online. Therefore, students can take the entire series online or in the hybrid format.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online Program Requirements

All students in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Online program must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Transfer 66 hours of general education credits
  • Complete 54 hours of program content at Faulkner University

Professionals currently employed in law enforcement or corrections may earn academic credit toward core program requirements with minimum standards certification. Additionally, students who are unable to transfer the full 66 hours of general education credits may complete Faulkner University classes to fulfill this requirement. Further requirements apply.

Earn a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Online

Earning a degree is the first step toward expanded career opportunities in a growing field where you will make a positive impact. At Faulkner University, you can achieve all your career goals with a faith-based online education that makes it possible to balance learning, family, work, and more. To get started, apply online now at no cost, or contact us to request additional details.