At Faulkner, we offer more than 60 on-campus majors and over 23 online majors. The charm of our small campuses, our family-like warmth, and scholarly professors who know your name sets us apart in the world market.

A graduate degree can help propel you to greater heights in your career. We offer master's, law, and doctoral degrees in a variety of formats – on-campus, online or hybrid – all taught within the context of a Christian worldview.


Welcome to Faulkner University! Whether you are a prospective or current student, parent, alumnus or friend, we are pleased that you are visiting our website to learn more about our institution.

Faulkner University is a private, Christian liberal arts university based in Montgomery, Alabama, with a mission to provide an education anchored by not only intellect but also character and service, the Faulkner experience aims to educate the whole person.


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Olivia McDaniel, Music Major

I chose Faulkner because I wanted to attend a school that focused on Christian living and could teach me how to live as a Christian within my profession while helping me to grow my faith.

Closeup Olivia McDanielOlivia McDaniel, Music Major

Ashley Cleveland, Accounting Major

When I visited Faulkner, I met with a professor in the college of business, who told me about my opportunity to show my faith through my occupation. I had never thought of that before. He prayed with my mom and me that I would find the direction for my life. That tour was different than any other university tour I had been on.

Young Woman Named AshleyAshley Cleveland, Accounting Major

Jacob Hartsfield, Business Major

When I came to Faulkner I felt like I was home. A lot of people here pray for me and ask if I’m ok. God didn’t put me here on accident. He put me here on purpose.

Closeup of Young Man Named JacobJacob Hartsfield, Business Major

Allison Black Cornelius, Faulkner Graduate (Birmingham)

I chose to pursue a business degree and the classes that I took in that curriculum, I believe, propelled me from a good executive to a great executive. The dedication, attention and love coming from the teachers and staff at Faulkner helped me to excel. I encourage anyone - especially busy moms - that want to earn their degree to check out Faulkner.

Allison CorneliusAllison Black Cornelius, Faulkner University Graduate Birmingham

Abigail Collins, Music Education Major

When I walked into Chapel on my first day visiting Faulkner and heard the singing, I felt so connected to the whole body of Christians, it was really a special moment for me. Music speaks to me. I knew from their singing that they were seeking Him. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I could get an education anywhere, but I wanted to go to a place I knew I could grow as a Christian and Faulkner was that place.

Abigail CollinsAbigail Collins, Music Education Major

Victoria McDaniel, Liberal Arts Major

After being in the Great Books program, I knew it was something I wanted to do forever. I fell in love with philosophy, theology and writing. I can’t imagine my life without books and I want to be surrounded by them forever.

Closeup of Victoria McDanielVictoria McDaniel, Liberal Arts Major

Aisha Anderson, Biochemistry Major

The small class size allowed me to really get to know my professors well and we created a bond and a relationship that told me they cared about my future.

Aisha AndersonAisha Anderson, Biochemistry Major

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Every Individual Matters Everyday.

We all want to become better versions of ourselves. No one wants to remain trapped where they are because of missed opportunities and unrealized dreams.

At Faulkner University, we believe your dreams don’t have an expiration date. We understand that you’re looking for more than a degree. You want find your niche and thrive in your career.

Whether you’re a high school senior just beginning your trek, or an adult student looking for a better path, Faulkner is here to help guide your journey.

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Kearley Graduate School of Theology.

Faulkner’s Kearley Graduate School of Theology to explore potential innovation with Lilly Endowment funding

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Faulkner University recently received a $50,000 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. through its Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative.  The Indianapolis-based foundation established Pathways for Tomorrow to help theological schools strengthen and sustain their capacities to prepare and support pastoral and ministry…

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