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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is an excellent way for students to further their understanding of the Bible and the teachings within. However, what differentiates Biblical Studies from other areas of study is that students will not only gain a deeper understanding of the Bible’s historical and religious content but also of their own faith.

Faulkner University’s V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies in Montgomery, Alabama

V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies at Faulkner University is dedicated to conveying our Christian worldview to students of all majors, with the Bible at the center of our curriculum. Full-time underclassmen can expect to take two bible courses per year, while part-time student schedules require one for every fifteen enrolled hours, and transfer students will take at least one per semester. V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies is also home to Biblical studies degrees, including minors, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.

By upholding ideals and disciplines common to a cappella Churches of Christ, our distinguished faculty members strive to represent Christian values like those presented by Cecil May, Jr., the Dean Emeritus of the College of Biblical Studies, in “Here We Stand.”

Biblical Studies Programs

Students who wish to deepen their connection to the Bible and its teachings have a variety of Biblical studies degree programs to choose from at V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies, which is led by Dr. Todd Brenneman. These include;

Admission, Retention, and Graduation Requirements

The requirements for admission, retention, and graduation include the following:

Earn a Fulfilling Degree with Faulkner University

Educational opportunities are plentiful for Faulkner University our students both online and on our campus in Montgomery, Alabama. If you wish to enrich your coursework with Christian study, apply online or contact us today to learn more about the Biblical studies degrees we offer.

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