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The future of health science careers is moving in the direction of team based health care and collaboration. This is the unique educational environment we are offering our students at Faulkner. Earning a degree in Health Sciences prepares students for careers in fields such as Speech language Pathology, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy.


Modern healthcare demands skilled professionals who understand the importance of collaborative patient care. With Speech Language Pathology, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy programs, the College of Health Sciences at Faulkner University prepares students for rewarding careers in these essential fields. Learn more about health science majors at our Montgomery, Alabama, campus today.

What Are Health Sciences?

A health sciences degree helps prepare students for licensure and employment in the healthcare field of their choice. In addition to future career prospects, a health science major also provides the critical technical and foundational skills required to succeed professionally and personally. Along with the degrees offered by Faulkner University, health sciences encompass:

  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Community health
  • Medical imaging technologies
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Hearing care
  • Patient education and advocacy
  • Public health administration

Health sciences draw on a wide range of disciplines to inform patient care and improve health outcomes. This field of study not only prepares students with technical training for future careers, but also emphasizes the connections between these professions and the roles they play together in patient care. Program participants complete traditional classroom learning and in-depth laboratory work alongside immersive real-world experiences that expose them to the challenges – and rewards – of this field.

Our Health Science Majors

The College of Health Science offers three degree programs that help prepare students for licensure and future employment. These graduate-level majors include:

Master of Arts and Sciences in Speech Language Pathology (MSLP)

Speech language pathologists work with pediatric and adult patients to diagnose and treat communication disorders. Students complete 65 credit hours in a five-semester program that includes research, classroom and lab instruction, and more than 400 hours of clinical work. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to achieve state licensure and American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certification.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physical therapists play a critical role in multimodal care plans, providing diagnosis and treatment for individuals affected by disease, injury, chronic pain, and more. This eight-semester program includes 32 weeks of full-time clinical education, up to six weeks of integrated clinical and community experiences, and the opportunity for service activities within real-world applications. Program graduates are prepared to apply for licensure to practice and may seek employment as generalists.

Master of Science in Physician Assistant (MS-PAS)

Physician assistants may serve as primary care providers or support other healthcare specialists, providing diagnoses, managing patient care plans, and performing a diverse range of duties. During a 27-month program, students complete 15 months of classroom instruction and 12 months of clinical education with rotations in family, internal, pediatric, emergency, women’s, and behavioral medicine, urgent care, and more at healthcare facilities in the Montgomery, Alabama, area. Graduates are well-qualified to sit for the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) upon completion of their degree.

Why Choose Faulkner University for Your Health Science Major?

Founded in 1942, Faulkner University has a long-standing commitment to excellence in Christian education. We proudly offer 70 undergraduate degree programs in addition to online degrees and our well-respected graduate programs. Students work with experienced, dedicated faculty members who are fully committed to clinical excellence, personal and professional development, and growth as a Christian healthcare practitioner.

Christian values form the foundation of a Faulkner University education. Upon graduation, health science majors are prepared to live these values, devoting themselves to service in their communities and making a difference in the life of every patient.

Explore Health Science Majors at Faulkner University

If you are called to service in the allied health fields, a degree from Faulkner University’s College of Health Sciences can bring you one step closer to this goal. To learn more about our health science majors in Montgomery, Alabama, request more information or apply online today.