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Faulkner University offers current students and today’s business leaders educational opportunities that expand career options and foster professional growth. Available to current and future executives, managers, and supervisors with at least two years of college study, our Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) online degree program helps prepare participants for the challenges of modern business leadership. Through the Executive BBA program, students focus on the most pressing issues facing business and industry in a dynamic learning environment with no need to attend in-person classes.

Program Structure and Online Learning Benefits

The Executive BBA is a broad-based program offering an in-depth perspective on business and management. Students complete six modules structured to combine theoretical concepts and application within one year. Each semester comprises two modules, while each module includes four courses for eight weeks of study. Our modular structure and virtual learning environment provide:

  • Small class sizes
  • Transfer credit for undergraduate coursework at accredited institutions
  • Flexible scheduling and program entrance
  • Affordable tuition and payment plans tailored to your needs

The BBA is a degree completion program which can provide a mastery of the most pressing issues facing business, with the flexibility that recognizes the issues you face with family and work.

  • Accelerated Program
  • Core requirements 60 hours
  • 60 credit hours (66 hours with emphasis) – March, June and October start dates
  • One-year format, 3 semesters
  • Student may also choose an optional emphasis area (requires 7 additional weeks) in Business Management, Health Administration or Logistics Management

This dynamic academic approach allows us to provide a flexible learning environment that accommodates the needs of busy professionals.

Program Curriculum

Students in the Executive BBA program will take a diverse selection of courses that support effective decision-making, management, and relationship building. In addition to a 60-hour entrance competencies curriculum that emphasizes Christian, cultural, math, science, personal, and social literacy, students will complete 60 hours of core curriculum courses that include:

  • Business Communications
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Perspectives of Management and Organization
  • Survey of Management
  • Survey of Accounting
  • Survey of Economics
  • Perspectives in Marketing
  • Survey of Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Christian Values and Ethics in Business
  • Perspectives of Personnel/Human Resources Management
  • Survey of Human Resources Management
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Information Systems for Management
  • Perspectives of Human Relations in Organizations
  • Survey of Organizational Behavior
  • The Executive and the Family
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Perspectives of International Culture and Business
  • Survey of International Business
  • Readings in Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Perspectives of Business Policy and Strategy
  • Survey of Management Policy

For more information about program requirements, coursework, and more, refer to our undergraduate catalog and the Executive BBA degree plan and calendar.

Why the Executive BBA Program at Faulkner University?

Executive education means more than simply winning a promotion. Upon completion of the Executive BBA program, participants will be prepared to excel in any professional setting, gaining an advanced understanding of the following essential concepts:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal issues
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • International business
  • Management
  • Information systems
  • Human resources

The program offers the opportunity to learn not just from instructors, but from classmates as well. From improved problem-solving techniques, goal-setting, planning, and productivity tactics to communication, graduates will be well-prepared to offer confident, informed business leadership.

Expand Your Career Opportunities with Faulkner University

Take the next step in your career with Faulkner University’s Executive Bachelor of Business Administration online program. If you’re ready to begin earning your degree, apply online now. To learn more about our flexible online programs, high educational standards, and Christian foundations, request more information today.

Degree Plan


Once you've graduated, continue your journey with Faulkner University and get your Master's degree with Faulkner's One plus One Initiative.

Entrance Requirements

This executive program of study is offered to current and potential executives, professionals, managers and supervisors who have completed two (2) years of college study. Candidates seeking admission to the program are generally expected to be above 23 years of age with at least two (2) years of relevant work experience.

Executive BBA Entrance Competencies

Christian Literacy – 12 hours

  • BI 1315 Biblical Worldview I – 3 hours
  • BI 1316 Biblical Worldview II – 3 hours
  • BI 2318 Understanding Biblical Literature- 3 hours
  • Bible Elective – 3 hours

Students who transfer in core curriculum requirements for the BBA program can substitute 12 hours in general education courses for this requirement. Students who take courses at Faulkner University  to satisfy the core curriculum requirements for the BBA program must take a Bible course within every 15 hours to satisfy the university’s Christian Literacy requirement.

Cultural Heritage Literacy – 3 hours

One course in humanities or history will satisfy this requirement. – 3 hours

Mathematical and Scientific Literacy – 9 hours

  • MH 1300 College Math (or higher) – 3 hours
  • Natural or Physical Science – 3 hours
  • Mathematics or Natural or Physical Science – 3 hours

Information and Communication Literacy – 6 hours

  • EH 1301 English Composition I – 3 hours
  • EH 1302 English Composition II – 3 hours

A course in computer literacy is recommended for students prior to taking the professional literacy area.

Personal and Social Literacy – 12 hours

Social Sciences: Four courses in any social science area such as history, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, library science, geography, etc.

Electives* – 18 hours

Core Curriculum Total – 60 hours

*Students who plan to complete an emphasis area will only need 12 hours of electives for a total of 54 hours of entrance competencies.

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Module 1

  • BBA 3301 Business Communications – 3 hours
  • BBA 3310 Legal Environment of Business – 3 hours
  • BBA 3121 Perspectives of Management and Organization – 1 hour
  • BBA 3321 Survey of Management – 3 hours

Module 2

  • BBA 3330 Survey of Accounting – 3 hours
  • BBA 3340 Survey of Economics – 3 hours
  • BBA 3151 Perspectives of Marketing – 1 hour
  • BBA 3351 Survey of Marketing – 3 hours

Module 3

  • BBA 3360 Financial Management – 3 hours
  • BBA 3370 Christian Values & Ethics in Business – 3 hours
  • BBA 3181 Perspectives of Personnel/Human Resource Mgmt. – 1 hour
  • BBA 3381 Survey of Human Resource Management – 3 hours

Module 4

  • BBA 4300 Quantitative Business Analysis – 3 hours
  • BBA 4310 Information Systems for Mgmt. – 3 hours
  • BBA 4131 Perspectives of Human Relations in Organizations – 1 hour
  • BBA 4332 Survey of Organizational Behavior – 3 hours

Module 5

  • BBA 4330 The Executive and the Family – 3 hours
  • BBA 4340 Managerial Accounting – 3 hours
  • BBA 4151 Perspectives of International Culture & Business – 1 hour
  • BBA 4351 Survey of International Business – 3 hours

Module 6

  • BBA 4390 Readings in Management – 3 hours
  • BBA 4370 Small Business Management – 3 hours
  • BBA 4181 Perspectives of Business Policy and Strategy – 1 hour
  • BBA 4381 Survey of Management Policy – 3 hours

Total Semester Hours – 60 hours

Bachelor of Business Administration with Optional Emphasis Area

Emphasis Area Courses

Emphasis Area: Business Management

  • BBA 4372 Non-Profit Management – 3 hours
  • BBA 4373 Leadership – 3 hours

Emphasis Area:  Logistics Management

  • BBA 4375 Business & Government Logistics – 3 hours
  • BBA 4376 Supply Chain Management & Procurement – 3 hours
  • BBA 4378 Project Management – 3 hours
  • BBA 4379 Contracts Management – 3 hours

Emphasis Area:  Health Administration

  • BBA 4386 Survey of Health Administration – 3 hours
  • BBA 4387 Healthcare Economics and Public Policy – 3 hours
  • BBA 4388 Managed Care, Policies and Implications – 3 hours
  • BBA 4389 Medical Office Supervision, Coding, and Billing – 3 hours