Sports Psychology Online

Health, exercise, motivation, team dynamics, and other areas of applied sports practice have psychology as their foundation. Therefore, the online undergraduate sports psychology degree is a good choice for student athletes who are interested in an academically rigorous program of study that includes a sports and fitness related focus. Sports psychology is also a good choice for students interested in areas of rehabilitation, motivation, and physical activities for the elderly, as well as activities in organizations that serve the mentally ill, defiant, and criminal populations.

Careers in Sports Psychology

A bachelor’s degree in sports psychology can lead to a number of diverse career paths. Qualified professionals can find employment with professional sports franchises, gyms, athletic clubs, high school or college athletic programs, and fitness training centers. Those who study sports psychology can also become sports or lifestyle coaches, athletic directors, or exercise program coordinators.

With an online undergraduate sports psychology degree, professionals may enter work with clinics or counseling centers or open sports related clinics or training facilities. For those interested in academia and research, a bachelor’s degree can be the first step toward teaching sports psychology courses at the university level, attending medical school for psychiatry or sports medicine, or researching topics related to motivation, performance enhancement, sports injury rehabilitation, leadership, and team-building.

About the Program

Faulkner University’s online Bachelor of Science in Sports Psychology is a well-rounded program featuring courses in Christian literacy, western cultural heritage, communication, technology, math, and science, in addition to the core psychology classes listed below under the Degree Plan tab. Students may also take classes in sociology, anthropology, government, kinesiology, and other elective fields. The degree program includes an internship and capstone research project, as well. Like all of our online options, the Sports Psychology program is designed to accommodate busy professionals looking to start a new career or advance in their current field through collegiate education.

Benefits of Faulkner University

Faulkner University is a non-profit, faith-based institution that has been educating full-time, part-time, and non-traditional students for over 70 years. Students at Faulkner University are more than just a number, and our online degrees focus on individualized attention to the whole person. Tuition is comparable to other private universities in the area, and we offer a 50% cost reduction for all first responders. Contact us to learn more about our online Bachelor of Science in Sports Psychology, or apply to be a student today!

Degree Plan

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Admission Requriements

  • Must be a high school graduate with a regular or advanced diploma or have a GED certificate
  • If out of high school for less than five years, ACT (minimum 18 composite) or SAT (minimum 970) scores are required. ACT or SAT scores are not required for anyone having graduated high school more than five years ago.
  • ACT or SAT scores are not required for transfer applicants with a minimum of 24 transferable hours from a regionally accredited college or university.



2020-2021 Financial Information

Adult – Montgomery Campus $325 per semester hour
Adult/AA – Birmingham Extension Center $310 per semester hour
Adult/AA – Huntsville Extension Center $155 per semester hour
Adult/AA – Mobile Extension Center $325 per semester hour
Military Qualified Students (60 hours or less) $250 per semester hour
General Fee $300 per semester ($200 if 11 hours or less)
Online Course Fee $65 per semester hour
Emergency Response Fee $10 per semester, if at least one course is on campus
Applicable Course Fees see full tuition and fee schedule

If enrolling as a traditional student, please see the full tuition and fee schedule for applicable rates.