Applying to the ELI Program

Application steps

  1. Fill out the application for admission to the ELI Program.
  2. Complete affidavit for financial support.
    • Affidavit of Support Form (I-134 form).
    • Affidavit letter from the sponsor (if applicable).
    • Send an original statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institution giving the following details regarding your personal account or your sponsor’s account: the date the account was opened, total amount deposited for the past year, present balance.
  3. Provide a recommendation letter from your previous (or current) school. If you are transferring to Faulkner University from another United States college or university, you and the DSO from your current school must complete the transfer form.
  4. If you are applying for the Traditional program you must provide certified, translated transcript(s) of previous education training from all schools outside the United States. Transcripts must be certified through Lisano International, World Education Services or sent directly to the International Program Director for evaluation. Students should request the document-by-document report for the high school diploma/completion certificate, and the course-by-course report for college transcripts.If you are applying for the English Language Institute, you should send your high school and/or college transcripts directly to the International Program Director.
  5. If you are applying for the Traditional program you must provide an acceptable documentation of English proficiency on a standardized test.
    • Students from countries where English is not the native language are required to take and submit an acceptable score on either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the Academic IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination.
    • Official TOEFL or IELTS score reports are required for admission to the Undergraduate and the Graduate programs and may be ordered from Educational Testing Services (ETS) or IELTS. The TOEFL code number for Faulkner University is 1034.
    • The minimum requirements for admission on the TOEFL are 500 (on the paper test), 173 (on the computer based test), or 61 (on the internet based test). The minimum acceptable IELTS score is 5.0. Students may also provide documentation of the completion of an appropriate ESL program at a language center located in the United States.
    • Students from countries where English is the native language will be required to submit appropriate scores for the ACT  or the SAT.
    • If you are applying for the English Language Institute acceptable scores on TOEFL or IELTS are not required, but it is recommended that all ELI students should take one of these two tests before admission.
  6. For all international students, a non-refundable application fee of $50 and an international student processing fee of $150 are required to cover the cost of FedEx delivery for I-20 and other costs. All international students must e-mail  for the wire transfer information needed to pay the application fee. If you or your family possesses a credit card issued by a United States bank, you can pay the application fee via that credit card. Please e-mail for credit card transfer information. Faulkner University cannot accept credit card payments from foreign banks.


Notification of Acceptance

After international students complete the steps above, Faulkner will review the materials and consider the request for admission. If the review determines that the applicant has met the institution’s admission requirement for international students, then Faulkner will send a letter of acceptance to the student and issue an I-20. The I-20 will allow you to interview for the visa. Actual time that individual students are allowed to remain in the U.S. will vary.

U.S. Residency

Prospective and current international students are responsible for staying informed of the United States Department of Homeland Security and regulations for the International Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). It is your responsibility to obtain your visa, file your I-901 form and pay the mandatory SEVIS fee, and make any necessary travel arrangements.


Contact information

Please direct any questions or comments to the Director of International Programs;