BA in English – Creative Writing Emphasis

Worthy arguments are made for applying “creative” to many genres of writing. The creative writing courses in the English Department concentrate on short fiction and on poetry. A playwriting course is also offered. These courses are useful to any persons interested in improving their communication skills. Business classes teach one how to spend money; writing courses teach one how to spend words – both skills are needed for success in the 21st century.

Core Requirements-70-76 hours

Christian Literacy-(18-24 hours)

Lower Level Courses

  • BI 1211/1311 Life of Christ
  • BI 1214/1314 Book of Acts
  • BI 2202/2302 Pentateuch
  • BI Elective (2/3 hours)

Upper Level Courses

  • BI 3311 Marriage and Family
  • BI 4311 Christian Cultural Heritage
  • BI Elective (2/3 hours)
  • BI Elective (2/3 hours)

Cultural Heritage Literacy-(12 hours)

  • HU 1310 Western Cultural Heritage I-
  • HU 1320 Western Cultural Heritage II
  • HU 2310 Western Cultural Heritage III
  • HU 2320 American Cultural Heritage

Mathematical and Scientific Literacy-(10 hours)

  • Mathematics Requirement: MH 1338 Finite Mathematics or higher
  • Physical Science Requirement: a Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics course
  • Natural Science Requirement: one course from Biology
  • Scientific Laboratory Requirement: one scientific laboratory companion course for either the course taken for the Physical Science requirement or the Natural Science requirement.

Information and Communication Literacy-(21 hours)

Composition and Literature

  • EH 1301 English Composition I
  • EH 1302 English Composition II
  • EH 2301 or EH 2302


EH 1303 Speech Communication

Technology (one from the following list)

  • CA 1302 Computer Applications
  • CS 2305 Intro to Computer Science & Programming
  • INF 1300 Information Research and Strategies
  • ED 2325 Technology in the Classroom [required for students seeking ED degrees]
  • Foreign Language: 6 hours in a given foreign language.  Note: Students pursuing a BA degree in English who have not earned six (6) hours or more of foreign language credit at the college level may meet this requirement by achieving a passing score on a nationally administered standardized exam in foreign language. Otherwise students will need to take six (6) hours or more in a given foreign language.

Personal and Social Literacy-(10 hours)

  • PE 1300 Lifetime Fitness
  • FE 1100 Freshman Experience
  • PE Activity – Two one-hour activity courses
  • Social Science: PY 1310 Introduction to Psychology
  • FASL 1090 Service-Learning Course I
  • FASL 2090 Service-Learning Course II
  • FASL 3090 Service-Learning Course III
  • FASL 4190 Service-Learning Course IV- Counts as a one-hour course

Requirements for Creative Writing Emphasis-45 hours

  • EH 2301 Survey of English Lit I or EH 2302 Survey of American Lit I-3 hours
  • TH 2306 Introduction to Acting-3 hours
  • EH 3300 Creative Writing-3 hours
  • EH 3301 Advanced Composition-3 hours
  • EH 3302 Fiction Writing-3 hours
  • EH 3304 Poetry Writing-3 hours
  • EH 4302 Advanced Fiction Writing-3 hours
  • EH 4304 Advanced Poetry Writing-3 hours
  • EH 3350 Playwriting-3 hours
  • EH 4351 Studies in English Language-3 hours
  • EH 3321 Feature Writing-3 hours
  • EH American or British Literature (upper level)-3 hours
  • EH 4301 Literary Criticism-3 hours
  • EH 4313 Shakespeare-3 hours
  • EH 4312 Internship-3 hours

Electives-9 hours

Total Hours-125-130 hours

Note: 48 hours of upper level credits are required for graduation. This number decreases by one hour for each upper level BI course taken for 2-hour credit.