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CodingSolutions provides Faulkner students with real-world coding experience  

February 21, 2019

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Faulkner students studying computer science are taking their coding skills and discovering mentorship and job opportunities through CodingSolutions. This year, they’re joining networking groups with fellow peers, college students around the state and experts who have been in the tech and cyber industry for years. Together, the group is learning how to solve coding issues to […]

Words Work: Teaching Young Minds the Power of the Tongue

February 18, 2019

This fall members of the Faulkner Law community stepped outside their classrooms and into the Montgomery Public Schools (MPS) to help equip students with communication and conflict resolution skills through Words Work, a program designed to promote learning and civility among youth. As a part of the program, law students, professors and commission members volunteer […]

Access to the Gospel Brings Hope to Desperate Men

February 11, 2019

A large metal door clanged loudly behind the two ministers, shutting them inside the prison. The sound echoed off the walls of the bare hallway as the Matthew Conley and Mark Hunt were led down the corridor. Their mission – to bring hope to those locked inside. Conley, a former assistant professor of Bible, and […]

Ashley Ingwersen serves in Malawi: “Love was our common language.”

February 4, 2019

When Ashley Ingwersen left Malawi, Africa in 2017, she left a piece of her heart there in the safekeeping of the children of Mtendere Village. In exchange, the children’s smiles and warm embraces is now a part of who she is – a Montgomery girl serving God’s littlest ones. After returning to life as a […]

Professor Builds Houses and Relationships in Mexico

January 28, 2019

The checkered ball bounced across the dirt lot in Mexico, kicking up dust in the fading afternoon sun. The question came up about school. The ball rolled to a stop. Terry Brown’s Spanish was a little broken. Nelly Perez’s English was about the same. Their game of soccer on the bare dirt lot in Maneadero, […]