Theatre Courses


  • 1007/08-2007/08; 1107/08-2107/08 Theatre Ensemble
    This course is a performance troupe focusing primarily on musical theatre repertoire and performing throughout the community and the southeast. This course may substitute for Performance Workshop in the performance track and in the BA in music theatre. Offered every semester. 0-1 credit hour.
  • 1103/2103/3103/4103 Theatre Workshop (Performance)
    Credit is given for participation in major production, retroactive. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Offered every semester.
  • 1104/2104/3104/4104 Theatre Workshop (Technical)
    Practical course in technical aspects of production. Credit is given for technical participation in theatre productions. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Offered every semester.
  • 2301 Introduction to Technical Theatre
    Basic theory and practice in areas of technical production; the use of tools and stage equipment in construction of scenery, properties, lighting, costume, make-up, and sound. Offered every fall semester.
  • 2306 Introduction to Acting
    Basic rules of acting and practical training emphasized through rhythmic pantomime, scene performance and varied roles. Offered every fall semester.
  • 3203 Stage Movement and Choreography I
    No previous movement experience required. A survey of choreography forms used in stage productions. An activities approach to increasing individual physical theatrical performance skills. The methodology of the course varies by semester. Exercises will be given to strengthen and stretch the body. Prerequisite: TH 2306 Introduction to Acting. Offered fall odd years. Open to non-minors and non-majors.
  • 3204 Stage Movement and Choreography II
    An activities approach to increasing individual physical theatrical performance skills. The methodology of the course varies by semester. Exercises will be given to strengthen and stretch the body. Prerequisite: TH 2306 Introduction to Acting, TH 3203 Stage Movement and Choreography I. Must be taken in sequence. Offered spring even years. Open to non-minors and non-majors.
  • 3300 History of American Musical Theatre
    An in-depth study of the inception, styles, and trends of the American musical. Offered fall odd years.
  • 3301 Theatre History
    General study of rise and development of Western theatre, classical period to present; reading and representative plays coordinated with study and development in the physical theatre with staging and roles of actor and director. Offered spring even years.
  • 3302 Dramatic Literature
    Historical survey of dramatic works that have influenced Western culture. Offered fall even years.
  • 3303 Modern American Drama
    A study of plays and texts that have shaped American drama in the twentieth century. Offered spring even years.
  • 3304 Fundamentals of Make-up
    This course focuses on communicating character to audience for either stage or film through makeup. Students learn basics of stage makeup, including aging techniques, character analysis, corrective makeup, use of color, use of simple modeling materials, crepe hair, and beginning special effects. Students work as makeup crew for at least one main season show. Prerequisite: TH 2301 Introduction to Technical Theatre. Offered spring odd years.
  • 3305 Voice and Articulation
    An introductory course to interpretation and techniques of oral reading using the International Phonetic Alphabet to study dialects and proper stage diction. Offered spring odd years.
  • 3314 History of Costume
    A historical survey of costumes from Biblical times to the present. Cultural customs discussed as they relate to the costume of the day. Offered spring odd years.
  • 3321 Intermediate Technical Theatre
    A continuation of study in the theory and practice of technical production including stage management, scenic construction, maintenance and fabrication of properties and costumes, and maintaining and running lighting and sound effects. Offered every spring.
  • 4129 Materials and Methods in Theatre
    The course focuses on the materials and methods of teaching as related to the field of theatre and the purposes of education and characteristics of adolescents. Prerequisite: Admission into the teacher education program and concurrent enrollment in ED 4229.
  • 4300 Technical Design
    A study of the materials and procedures used to create desired theatrical effects. Offered every spring.
  • 4301 Stage Management
    This course will examine the different responsibilities and problems of a stage manager’s job for commercial, community and educational theatre. Stage management will contain both lecture and hands on training. Prerequisites: TH 2301 and TH 2306. Offered every fall.
  • 4302 Play Directing
    Lecture/Workshop in selecting, analyzing, staging and producing plays. Includes student directing of short plays. Prerequisite: TH 2301, TH 2306. Offered fall even years.
  • 4303 Intermediate Acting
    Continuation of beginning acting. Emphasis is on characterization. Prerequisites: TH 2306. Offered every spring.
  • 4304 Advanced Acting
    Extensive scene work supervised by a faculty member. Designed to allow the students to experiment with styles of his own choosing. The course leads to a major presentation by the acting student. Prerequisites: TH 2306, TH 4303, and permission of the Instructor. Offered every fall.
  • 4332 Christian Aesthetics and Philosophies of Theatre
    This course explores the nature of theatre from a Christian perspective with special emphasis oh how Christian theatre artists can work while maintaining their faith. Offered spring even years.
  • 4360 Theatre Internship
    Supervised work experience in a professional, regional, community, or educational theatre environment. Prerequisite: TH 2301 and TH 2306 and departmental approval. Offered every semester.

Special Courses

2099/ 3099 Individualized Study
The course may involve a systematic reading program, library research, laboratory project, studio work, field study, or creative expression. Course includes conferences or tutoring as required, but no formal lectures or recitation. Quizzes, tests, and examinations may be appropriate. TH 2099 is open only to sophomores; TH 3099 is open to juniors and seniors. May be repeated for credit. Number of credit hours awarded (1-3) will be set by the department head and approved by the dean.