Associate of Science in Criminalistics

Core Curriculum-47-50 hours

Christian Literacy-(9-12 hours)

Lower Level Courses-9-12 hours

  • BI 1211/1311 Life of Christ-2-3 hours
  • BI 1214-1314 Book of Acts-2-3 hours
  • BI 2202/2302 Pentateuch-2-3 hours
  • BI 2203/2303 Conquest and Divided Kingdom-3 hours

Cultural Heritage Literacy-9 hours

  • HU 1310 Western Cultural Heritage I-3 hours
  • HU 1320 Western Cultural Heritage II-3 hours
  • HY 2320 American Cultural Heritage-3 hours

Mathematical and Scientific Literacy-11 hours

Mathematics-3 hours

MH 1338 Finite Mathematics or higher-3 hours

Physical Science-4 hours

  • CHM 1311 General Chemistry I-3 hours
  • CHM 1111 General Chemistry I Lab-1 hour

Natural Science-4 hours

  • BIO 1301 Principles of Biology I-3 hours
  • BIO 1101 Principles of Biology I Lab-1 hour

Information and Communication Literacy-12 hours

Composition and Literature-6 hours

  • EH 1301 English Composition I-3 hours
  • EH 1302 English Composition II-3 hours

Communication-3 hours

EH 1303 Speech Communication-3 hours

Technology (Choose 1)-3 hours

  • CSIS 1301 Intro to Computer and Information Science
  • CS 1305 Computer Programing

Personal and Social Literacy-6 hours

Personal-3 hours

PE 1300 Lifetime Fitness-3 hours

Social Science-3 hours

CJ 1300 Introduction to Criminal Justice-3 hours

Major Field Requirements-20 hours

  • CJ 1301 Introduction to Criminalistics-3 hours
  • CJ 2310 Criminal Investigation-3 hours
  • CJ 2340 Fingerprinting-3 hours
  • CJ 2350 Crime Scene Investigation-3 hours
  • CHM 1312 General Chemistry II-3 hours
  • CHM 1112 General Chemistry II Lab-1 hour
  • BIO 1302 Principles of Biology II-3 hours
  • BIO 1302 Principles of Biology II Lab-1 hour

Total Hours-67-70 hours