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Welcome to the website of the Faulkner Patristics Project. Our mission is to create and maintain an online database of original-language texts with English translations for the Early Church Fathers contained in J. P. Migne's Patrologia, a comprehensive, nineteenth-century reference work.

Software Requirements
Spreadsheet Software If you do not have Microsoft Excel or a similar program installed on your computer, please download the Excel Viewer from Microsoft for Windows users or from ICExcel for Macintosh users.

Internet Browser To view either version of the file catalogue, the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is recommended. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you should also have Internet Explorer installed.

File Catalogue
Disabling Automatic File Download Prompting The file catalogue uses Microsoft Excel to allow you to filter quickly and easily all the digital portions of the Patrologia. Therefore, you should temporarily disable your browser's automatic file download prompting for XLS files.

Accessing the File Catalogue After performing the relevant steps to disable automatic file download prompting for your browser, please use the file catalogue to browse through the digitized portions of the Patrologia. This catalogue is updated regularly as files are added and as more information is added about existing files. The file catalogue was last updated on June 28, 2007. If you think your computer is displaying an older version of the file catalogue, delete your temporary internet files.

Help Operating the File Catalogue If you need technical assistance about using the autofilter and advanced filter functions in Microsoft Excel, please view the help presentations, which will illustrate each step of the process involved in filtering the file catalogue.

Reporting Errors If you notice broken links, gaps, or other issues not already noted in the file catalogue, e-mail the Project coordinator the title catalogue name and explain the issue you are encountering.

Other Information If you can read Greek or Latin, please begin thinking about participating in this Project by reading the call for translators.

For more information about the project and its origins, please see the list of frequently asked questions.

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