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Accelerated Online Degrees

While any educational pursuit undoubtedly requires a great deal of time on the part of the student, there are ways to considerably speed up the process. One such method is via Faulkner University’s accelerated online degrees. By carefully crafting your schedule to minimize the time spent waiting for graduation, our accelerated programs allow you not only to reap the benefits of a faith-based education from a prestigious, fully accredited university, but to do so in a way that allows you to utilize those benefits as soon as possible.

What Is An Accelerated Degree Program?

Most students operate under the impression that advanced degree programs take many years to fully fulfill. However, this is not always the case – especially in modern times. Rapid changes in technology have allowed educational institutions the world over to completely revolutionize the way in which they offer their programs, and as a result, more online opportunities are being offered than ever before.

The overall flexibility that comes with an online education is one of its greatest selling points, and with this flexibility comes a number of benefits. When pursuing an online degree, classes don’t necessarily have to be taken during the typical fall and spring semesters that make up the bulk of the school year for standard undergraduate students. When this is taken into consideration, universities can craft a curriculum with a greater focus on efficient use of time, resulting in programs that use up much more of the year than just the spring and fall months. These accelerated degree programs ensure as comprehensive an education as one might generally expect – they’re simply completed within a shorter timeframe.

Why Study Online?

Our accelerated degree programs are crafted with the working adult in mind. Whether you’re already on a set career path and seeking to solidify your authority in a particular area or hoping for a total change of direction, such programs make it easy for you to complete schoolwork around your schedule, eventually attaining a degree in a shorter time than it might have taken using a traditional curriculum. This, along with competitive tuition rates and special benefits afforded to military members and veterans, ensures that our programs are easily accessible to virtually anyone.

Pursue An Online Degree Today

There’s never a bad time to begin your education with Faulkner University. If you’re looking for a flexible, yet thorough, education that reflects our Christian heritage every step of the way, apply now or contact us for more information.