Dual Enrollment FAQs

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What is the minimum ACT requirement for admission into Dual Enrollment?

The ACT requirement for admission into our dual enrollment program is a minimum composite score of 22. If the student applying for admission has not taken the ACT or does not have the minimum score, a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.


Is there an application fee for Dual Enrollment?

Yes. There is a $25.00 application processing fee. This fee may be paid in cash, check or with a credit or debit card online.


How much is the Dual Enrollment course fee?

The first dual enrollment course taken on Faulkner’s campus is discounted at $75.00 per credit hour (for a three hour credit course, price is $225) each semester.   Dual Enrollment courses taught on high school campuses are $300 and online courses are only $300.  All on-campus students are required to pay the $10 Emergency Response Fee and all online students are required to pay a $180 online fee per class.  Additional courses per semester are priced at traditional tuition rates.


When do I need to pay my application fee for Dual Enrollment?

Your application fee should be paid when your application is submitted. Only complete application files (containing a completed application, the application fee, letters of recommendation and qualifying ACT scores or GPA’s) will be considered for acceptance.


When do I pay my course fee for Dual Enrollment?

Paying the course fee is usually the last step in the registration process, and is usually done in the business office here on campus. However, you can conveniently pay your application or course fee online.


Does my Dual Enrollment class meet Monday through Friday?

No. Classes on Faulkner’s campus are are offered on either Mondays, Wednesdays. and Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall and spring semesters.  Summer classes follow a slightly different schedule.