Dual Enrollment at Faulkner University, Birmingham Campus

High school students in class on laptops.


  • Highschool Sophomore or higher
  • Highschool GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • ACT score of 18 or higher (ACT scores are optional for the 2021-2022 academic year only)
  • Math placement exam available for those without an ACT score
  • On Campus ACT examination is available for applicants who wish to take the exam in early August.  (Formerly called Residual ACT) Call to schedule the exam.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from school counselor, principal of homeschool leader

No matter where you end up, homeschool dual enrollment at Faulkner Birmingham is a great first step!

2021-2022 Birmingham Campus Homeschool Dual Enrollment Schedule

Fall 2021 Tuesday & Thursday


Spring 2022
English Comp 1  11:00 am - 12:15 pm English Comp 2
American Literature 1  12:25 pm - 1:40 pm American Literature 2
History of Alabama  1:50 pm - 3:05 pm Western Tradition
Intermediate Algebra  3:15pm - 4:30 pm Finite Math

Fall classes begin Tuesday, August 24th

Spring 2022 classes begin Tuesday, January 10

Cost: $150 per credit hour ($450 for a 3-hour course)

Additional courses added annually as the program grows

Minimum of 10 students per course

Why Dual Enroll

  • Earn college and high school credits simultaneously
  • Students save time and money finishing undergraduate academic pursuits sooner
  • Faulkner University Birmingham Homeschool Dual Enrollment program serves as a great stepping stone, preparing students for a smoother transition to college life
  • Smaller, more personable environment for like-minded students
  • Faculty instruction through the lens of a Christian worldview

For an application or questions:

email: BhamHomeschool@faulkner.edu

phone: 205-879-5588