Housing FAQs

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What is supplied in each residence hall room?

Each room can house two students. Each student is provided a twin extra long bed, closet or wardrobe, small dresser and desk area. Utilities are provided, including cable TV, LAN line (apartments), and wireless access (residence halls).


What do I need to bring for my room?

Twin XL bedding, toiletries, school supplies, rugs (for room and bathroom), shower curtain, trash cans, outlet strips, cleaning supplies, linens (sheets/towels), toilet paper. Coordinate with your roommate for more expensive items like a television, minifridge, microwave, etc.


Can I paint or decorate my room?

No paint, wallpaper, border, etc. may be changed or added. If you wish to hang items on the walls, you may use push pins and straight pins.


What stores are nearby?

Within just a short distance from campus, there are lots of stores available, including: Dollar General, Winn Dixie, Publix, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot as well as several department stores. You can easily purchase many items for your room after you arrive.


How can my parents find me in an emergency?

The Residence Life staff and the Office of Student Life are both good sources for information regarding residential students.

Office of Student Life: 334-386-7184

Director of Residence Life- Keri Alford- 334.300.2201
Davis Residence Hall (freshman guys)- Ben Cardiff-210.882.7843
Baldwin Residence Hall (sophomore/junior guys) – Carolyn Blount – 334-399-4761
Burton Residence Hall (sophomore/junior girls) – Carolyn Blount – 334-399-4761
Margaret Harris Residence Hall (freshman girls) – Peggy Oliver – 334-202-2476
Faulkner’s Main Number is 334-272-5820 or 1-800-879-9816.


How old do I have to be to live in the apartments?

The apartments are for seniors or students 20 years or older by July 31st.


How are the apartments set up?

Each apartment has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  A closet (appx. 4 ft), built in desk, dresser, and twin XL bed are supplied in every bedroom. The common area includes a furnished living room, kitchen and laundry area. For any questions regarding this policy, you may contact the Director of Residence Life, Keri Alford, at , housing@faulkner.edu, or 334-386-7179.