Al Sclundt

Al Schlundt

Professor, Science

334-386-7303Brooks Hall 401

About Dr. Al Schlundt

Dr. A. F. (Al) Schlundt started his academic career at the University of California, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology/ecology.  After a stint in the Peace Corps, he earned a master’s degree in agronomy (perennial pastures) at the University of Florida, and a doctoral degree in range science (wildland ecology) at Utah State University.  He has also earned additional formal training in foreign languages, remote sensing, computer sciences and Bible.

Schlundt’s background includes both professional and academic experiences.  After earning his doctorate degree, Schlundt worked as a range scientist on assignment to the Peruvian highlands for Texas Tech University.  When he returned to the United States, he was hired as an instructor/researcher in range science at South Dakota State University.  He has significant experience in western deserts, Rocky Mountain meadows and forests, Great Plains prairies and in the Andean Highlands.

Since coming to Faulkner University, Schlundt has taught every science course offered in the department at least once.  His main focus is in general biology and the environmental biology courses.

Schlundt has an avid interest in Latin American mission work and has participated in numerous activities in both Central (Guatemala and Honduras) and South America (Ecuador and Peru).  He has also been actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America and has, until recently, been the Scoutmaster of a local troop.