Faculty College

The Faculty College was implemented in 2012 to facilitate faculty development initiatives and later expanded to meet the growing research needs of the University.  The faculty colleges serves to promote research among faculty, as well as provides support and grant funding for certain approved projects.  The faculty development initiatives include providing training and continuing education for improvements in instructional methods, innovative techniques in the classroom, support for educational technology and delivery systems, and best practices in higher education.

The Faculty College exists specifically:

  • To develop and facilitate continuous multidisciplinary professional development activities for faculty to foster the investigation, sharing, and implementation of emerging instructional theories and best practices;
  • To encourage the utilization of all available educational technology in each academic discipline through continuous support, training, and evaluation;
  • To support the efforts of the Institute of Faith and the Academy through the promotion of professional development opportunities for the ongoing exploration of the Christian faith as the foundation of learning.

The IRB (Institutional Review Board) exists:

  • To facilitate the scholarship of faculty and students;
  • To promote the Christian character and mission of the institution in the scholarship of faculty and students;
  • To ensure integrity and ethical conduct in research; and,
  • To ensure that research practices minimize risk to subjects, both human and non-human, and that potential benefits from research activities are maximized;
  • To assist researchers in assuring properly research protocols and best practices in research methods are followed in University supported research.