Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn teaches in the College of Education.  She also serves as the Director of Graduate Programs and Assessment.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Faulkner, a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University in Montgomery and an Education Specialist degree from Auburn University also in Elementary Education.  Her professional experience includes 23 years in the elementary classroom and 4 years as an Instructional Coach.  

After retiring from the public school system, Horn came to Faulkner University to share the love and blessings in teaching young students.  Her elementary education classes include Exceptional Learner, Instructional Methodology, Literacy and Language III and Language Arts.

Horn has been associated with Faulkner for the last 36 years.  She graduated in 1988, her husband in 1980, Josh, her oldest son in 2018, and her youngest son, Jesse, will graduate in 2020.

“Coming back to Faulkner has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.  Returning to Faulkner strengthens not only my dedication to Christian education, but allows me to share the joys of a Christian life.”

Rebecca Horn – Curriculum Vitae