Second Majors in Vocational Christian Ministry in Alabama

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Faulkner University students seek a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, preparing them to work in diverse fields. While some envision a life of work in the church, others hope to deepen their commitment to the Christian faith while pursuing other fields. For these students, the V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies at our campus in Montgomery, Alabama, offers Second Majors in Vocational Christian Ministry and Vocational Youth and Family Ministry. This is an ideal path for students who wish to fuse faith-based principles and their calling to serve Jesus Christ with their chosen vocations.

Prerequisites for the Program

To pursue a double-major with a vocational Christian ministry degree, our students must currently be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in one of the following:

Students who wish to pursue a Second Major in Vocational Christian Ministry must:

  • Fulfill course requirements for their first and second majors
  • Earn an additional 15 credit hours in the College of Business (beyond requirements for the first major)

About the Vocational Christian Ministry Curricula

At Faulkner University, students double-majoring with a Second Major in Vocational Christian Ministry or Vocational Youth and Family Ministry are exposed to a series of Christ-centered courses that prepare them for a life of fulfillment and service after graduation. All students will complete the following courses:

Bible Core Courses

  • Biblical Worldview I
  • Biblical Worldview II
  • Understanding Biblical Literature
  • Christian Ethics
  • Marriage and Family Relations
  • Christian Cultural Heritage

Students who opt for the Vocational Christian Ministry second major will also complete the following:

Required Courses for the Vocational Christian Ministry Major

  • The Preacher and His Work
  • Local Church Leadership
  • Vocational Christian Ministry
  • Preparing and Delivering Bible Lessons
  • Practical Evangelism and Missions
  • Church Work Practicum

Finally, those who seek a second major in Vocational Youth and Family Ministry will complete the following:

Required Courses for the Vocational Youth and Family Ministry Major

  • Introduction to Counseling Theories
  • The Preacher and His Work
  • Vocational Christian Ministry
  • Church Work Practicum
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Human Sexuality
  • Youth and Family Ministry in the Local Church

Why Double Major at Faulkner University?

An unfaltering dedication to faith-based learning stands at the cornerstone of Faulkner University’s mission. With a goal to prepare graduates for a life of Christian service, our faculty of scholars and staff seek to:

  • Approach all areas of life through a Christian worldview
  • Help students identify their calling, hone skills, and fulfill aspirations
  • Provide a supportive environment and enriching student life opportunities
  • Encourage students to become deeply involved in their community by using their God-given gifts to enhance the lives of others

With a bachelor’s degree combined with a second major, graduates have the chance to contribute to their faith communities and find meaningful career opportunities in a plethora of settings, from Church-based roles to government offices.

Begin Your Faith-Based Educational Journey

Enrich your education with a passion for learning and a commitment to the Christian faith. To learn more about enrolling at Faulkner University in or one of our campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, or Mobile, contact us today. You can also begin your journey by applying for a vocational Christian ministry second major and a bachelor’s degree online now.