Temporary Disabilities

The Center for Disability Services: Project Key (CDS) acknowledges that individuals with temporarily disabling conditions that are a result of injuries, surgery or short-term medical conditions may need access to services and resources similar to individuals with permanent disabilities.

Examples of temporary disabilities

  • Broken limbs
  • Hand injuries
  • Short-term impairments following surgery / medical treatments


When requesting accommodations for a temporary disability, the student must submit documentation to CDS indicating:

  • The type of disability
  • Severity
  • Limitations
  • Prognosis
  • Estimated duration of the disabling condition
  • Adverse side effects caused by medications
  • Recommended accommodations

Documentation should be recent enough to identify current limitations.  Accommodations stop once the temporary disability has ceased to exist.

How to register with CDS

  1. Download and fill out the Intake form
  2. Download and fill out the Release / receipt form
  3. Gather required documentation
  4. Make an appointment for an interview with the Disability Services Coordinator.
    • Phone number: 334-386-7185
    • Fax number: 334-386-7124
    • Students not attending the Montgomery campus may also request a computer mediated interview (ex. Skype) or a telephone interview.
  5. For the interview bring the completed intake form, release/receipt form, and documentation. If you are not attending the Montgomery campus please fax the information to the office.
  6. Accommodations will be based off the interview and the documentation provided.