Bachelors in Psychology

The psychology (PY) program has seven different options for students to choose from. All of our degrees are designed to prepare students for graduate school, as well as for dynamic careers at the undergraduate level for students who choose not to pursue graduate work or licensure.  Most are available to be taken in a fully online format as well as in a traditional daytime format.

The psychology program integrates research-based theories, skills and methods for counseling and psychology with the Christian worldview. This model of integration and application helps students understand the interconnections between academic, career, family, social and spiritual life.  All of our degrees help students understand the physical, emotional, social, and personal influences on thought and behavior. Our program also seeks to help people know more about themselves. Because we can’t really understand others until we understand ourselves.  Students have opportunities to study animal behavior as well as human behavior, with access to our live-animal lab for research and learning.

Students can choose from General/Clinical Psychology; Counseling Psychology; Industrial/Organizational (Business) Psychology; Sports Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Health and Rehabilitation Psychology; or Health and Rehabilitation with Pre-occupational Therapy focus.

A minor in psychology is also available for non-psychology majors.

Psychology Online

Five psychology degrees are currently available fully online with the other two available online to students with selected transfer credits.

We offer a generous transfer policy, and asynchronous courses allowing students a more flexible schedule to be able to work and attend college at the same time. For more information on our online psychology degrees, visit Faulkner Online.

Graduate Degrees

Students who have, or are nearing completion, a Bachelor’s degree, may be interested in our Master’s of Science in Counseling, or our ministry focused Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry.

Potential students interested in these, or other graduate degrees, are encouraged to contact our Graduate Admissions department.


Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is housed in the Behavioral Science department and is open to all psychology and counseling majors. It is an academic based club, but offers academic and service related social interactions among majors in Behavioral Sciences as well. The Psychology Club meets on a regular basis to accomplish the goals and purposes of the club and to encourage students to excel and contribute to their disciplines.

Specifically, the Psychology Club’s purposes are:

  1. To allow students, faculty, and professionals additional opportunities to network in the field of psychology and behavioral sciences.
  2. To serve as a means for keeping students abreast of new information including research, career issues, and other trends the field.
  3. To encourage participation in service to others in the community, University, and other avenues related to the field.
  4. To provide additional opportunities for growth and education including research opportunities, seminars, and other learning experiences in the field.
  5. To promote integration of biblical principles and Christian world-views applied to the behavioral science disciplines.

The Psychology Club is led by faculty advisors Dr. Guy Renfro, Ms. Jo Anne Waters, and several elected student leaders.

For more information on Faulkner University’s Psychology Club, contact one of the department representatives.

Visit Faulkner’s Psychology Club Facebook page

Psi-Chi Honor Society

Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in PsychologyPsi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 with a mission to encourage excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology. Students who major or minor in psychology at Faulkner and meet certain GPA, class rank, and other requirements are eligible to apply for lifetime membership in the honor society through the Faulkner Chapter. For more information, visit the Psi-Chi website at: http://www.psichi.org.

Faulkner’s Psi-Chi chapter is led by Dr. James C. Guy (faculty advisor), and student leaders elected annually.

Visit Faulkner’s Psi-Chi chapter Facebook page

Helpful Psychology Links

Links and resources related to Psychology and Counseling.