Science Education

All secondary school teachers in Alabama public schools are required to earn a degree in their major field of teaching to become certified to teach in that area. Through a link with the Faulkner College of Education, the Science Department provides the science training for certification in teaching biology and other sciences at middle and secondary schools.


For specific information regarding education courses and details about current teacher certification requirements see the College of Education. Students planning to become biology and general science teachers should consult with that college as soon as they have decided to pursue the teaching profession.


Students seeking Certification in Secondary Education Biology (6-12) will follow the basic curriculum for the BA in General Biology with a specialized set of education classes as specified. Similarly, students seeking the opportunity to teach science subjects in addition to biology will meet the requirements for teaching biology and general science by following the BS in General Biology curriculum with additional coursework in the physical sciences, language and a specialized set of education classes as specified.