Pre-Professional Degrees

Students can obtain the BS in Biology by following one of six distinct pre-professional curricula:

pre-medicine and pre-dentistry
pre-veterinary medicine
pre-physical therapy
pre-professional environmental biology


Requirements for many other professional and graduate programs (e.g. zoology, botany, chiropractic medicine, occupational therapy, nutrition, forensic science, agriculture, etc.) can be completed at Faulkner University. Students wishing to pursue another program should contact a professional school offering that program for entrance requirements and consult with the Science Department regarding Faulkner equivalent courses.

Students pursuing a pre-professional program should consult their advisors concerning admission requirements to the professional schools.

The completion of these degree plans does not guarantee admission to a professional school. Although specific transfer and admission requirements vary from school to school, the specialized curricula presented are applicable for the majority of schools.

Because professional school requirements change with time students are obliged to communicate with the professional schools of their choice to get the current official entrance requirements. Any changes should be discussed with their advisors so that any special requirements may be appropriately scheduled.