Physical Education & Sports Management Courses

Core Requirement

1300 Principles of Lifetime Fitness
A survey of the components of fitness including types of exercise, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition and diet, stress and mental health, flexibility, and low back injury. Offered every semester.

Activity Courses

  • 1102 Softball
    An introduction to the basic elements of softball, practice in the fundamentals, and actual game experience.
  • 1104 Weight Training
    Introduction to the skills and benefits of weight training with particular emphasis on safety factors.
  • 1105 Jogging
    Emphasis on the value of jogging in maintaining lifetime fitness through the use of appropriate techniques and safety precautions.
  • 1106 Bowling
    Introduction and practice in the fundamentals of bowling, including score keeping. Fee required.
  • 1107 Cycling
    The teaching of bicycle riding as a sport, a fitness tool, and as a means of transportation.
  • 1108 Aerobics
    An indoor aerobic activity designed to develop cardiovascular fitness while exercising to music.
  • 1109 Archery
    Introduction to the skills, equipment, history, and safety considerations of archery.
  • 1110 Beginning Basketball
    Basic introduction to the game of basketball, including skills, rules, and strategy.
  • 1112 Intro to Fitness
    This class is designed for the beginning exerciser, or the student that is interested in weight loss. The primary mode of exercise will be walking.
  • 1119 Badminton
    An introduction to the skills, rules and benefits of the game of badminton.
  • 1121 Golf
    Basic instruction in the game of golf, including stroke skills, club selection, and etiquette. Fee required.
  • 1122 Volleyball
    Instruction in the basic skills, rules, and strategies, and safety precautions of volleyball.
  • 1123 Tennis
    A beginning class in tennis, featuring basic skills, scoring, strategy, and court etiquette.
  • 1125 Soccer
    An introduction to the history, rules, skills, and team play which characterize the world’s most popular game.
  • 1126 Orienteering
    Basic introduction to the sport of orienteering, which requires knowledge of the use of map and compass to complete a preset course in minimum time.
  • 1127 Backpacking
    Designed to provide the student with an introduction to the sport of backpacking. Fee required.

The following courses are intended for students who wish to expand their knowledge and skill in a specific activity. The student must have completed the beginning level activity class or have the instructor’s approval to take these classes.

  • 2121 Intermediate Golf
    Fee required.
  • 2122 Intermediate Volleyball
  • 2123 Intermediate Tennis

Courses Primarily for Majors in P.E./Sports Management

  • 1317 Foundations of Physical Education
    An introductory course to orient the major to the field of physical education. Includes an overview of the history, philosophy, and sociological implications of the profession. Offered every spring. (Class designated for Honors Program.)
  • 2301 Individual and Dual Sports
    Basic rules, field dimensions, skills, strategies, and safety considerations specific to the following sports: golf, archery, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, badminton, wrestling, weight lifting, and track and field. Includes a study of various teaching methods, classroom organization and management, and tournament setup and execution. Offered every spring.
  • 2303 Team and Recreational Sports
  • Basic rules, field dimensions, skills, strategies, and safety considerations specific to the following sports: football, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, field hockey, camping, table tennis, cycling and aerobics. Offered every fall.
  • 2315 First Aid
    The American Red Cross Standard and Advanced First Aid Courses are covered. Offered on demand.
  • 3303 Kinesiology
    A study of the interaction of muscles and bones to facilitate movement. Includes the study of leverage, muscle action, kinesthesis, and current methods of studying the science of movement. Prerequisite: BIO 2393/2193. Offered every spring. (Class designated for Honors Program.)
  • 3315 Advanced First Aid
    The American Red Cross Standard and Advanced First Aid Courses are covered. Offered every spring.
  • 3331 Health Education
    A general study of health facts, attitudes, and practices with emphasis on personal hygiene. Offered every spring.
  • 3333 Physical Education for the Elementary School
    Techniques of teaching physical education and health at the elementary level including appropriate games and activities, developmental processes, and program development. Offered every fall.
  • 3334 Motor Learning
    A study of learning theory and the developmental process as they relate to the acquisition of motor skills. Other topics include perception, kinesthesis, growth, and motivation. Offered every spring.
  • 3360 Physiology of Exercise
    A course involving the basic physiological aspects of the human body as they relate specifically to exercise, including evaluation of immediate and long term adaptations which result from varying levels of activity. Prerequisite: BIO 2493. Offered every fall.
  • 4303 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics
    A presentation of the various organizational and administrative structures, principles, and philosophies in physical education and athletics. Offered every fall.
  • 4304 Developing Fitness Programs
    Practical information for the sports management major on the design and use of the physical plant, exercise testing and prescription budgeting, equipment, and liability. Prerequisite: PE 3360. Offered every fall.
  • 4305 Motivational Aspects of Coaching Theory
    A survey of the research and literature related to modern coaching with particular emphasis on motivation and emotion as foundations of behavior along with whole-part learning, anxiety, attribution, social facilitation and person-group perceptual processes. Offered every spring.
  • 4311 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries I
    A study of the care and prevention of athletic injuries and different forms of therapy in the treatment of such injuries. Prerequisite: PE 3303. Offered every fall.
  • 4329 Materials and Methods of Teaching Physical Education
    Teaching methods, selection, organization and use of physical education materials in junior and senior high schools. Offered every fall.
  • 4361 Physical Education for the Exceptional Child
    A study of the total special physical education program including consideration of approaches unique to physically and/or mentally handicapped students. Offered every fall.
  • 4495 Sports Management Internship
    Supervised field experience in sports management. Offered on demand.
  • Physical Education Internship (N-12)
    See Education Department course descriptions -*ED 4998.
  • 2099/3099 Individual Study
    The course may involve a systematic reading program, library research, laboratory project, studio work, field study or creative expression. Conferences or tutoring as required, but no formal lectures or recitations. Quizzes, tests, and examinations as appropriate.

PE 2099 is open only to sophomores; PE 3099 is open to juniors and seniors. May be repeated for credit. Number of credit hours awarded (1-3) will be set by department head and approved by the dean.

Graduate Offerings

These classes meet the content requirements for the Masters in Education (Alt A certification in PE).

  • PE 6329 Methods of Teaching PE to Secondary Students
    Provides graduate students with an in-depth study of the instructional methods, curriculum models, technology, student characteristics, and factors impacting the secondary program.
  • PE 6331 Health Education
    A study of health information, behaviors, and myths. Emphasis will be placed on modification of personal health practices and inherent attitudes. Will include a personal health behavior modification project and research into controversial health trends.
  • PE 6333 Methods of Teaching Elementary PE
    Provides graduate students with an in-depth study of the current research, issues, technology and trends in elementary physical education. Research into, and production of, a comprehensive teaching unit will be required.
  • PE 6334 Motor Learning
    Study of learning theory and the developmental process as they relate to the acquisition of motor skills. Filming, diagnosis and prescription of motor movement will be an integral component of this course.
  • PE 6190 Directed Study
    This course is designed for students to engage in a systematic examination of topics that are not offered elsewhere across the university. Under directed study, the student and qualified instructor work collaboratively.