Faulkner University offices will have a new phone system installed on Sept. 24. The university will be without voicemail until then.


The screencasts below overview some of the most important technologies for the Honors College’s Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs. Some items are interconnected and may overlap. We also discuss these items in regular training sessions for those who are new to our programs. Please feel free to visit our YouTube Channel for other helpful resources and to email scholarnet@studyliberalarts.org with any questions.

1) General Overview and Information (22 mins)

2) Mail (36 mins)

3) Calendar (17 mins)

4) Drive (101 mins)

5) Scholarnet+ (35 mins)

6) Sites and Groups (13 mins)

7) For Tutors (14 mins)