The University provides a number of resources to support students’ success.

  • Academic support
    Students have access to academic support through Faulkner University’s partnership with Smarthinking.
  • Accessibility services
    The core technology that the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs use provides robust and regularly upgraded accessibility resources. In addition, eligible students may arrange specific disability accommodations as needed.
  • Career services
    Career services can help prepare students for engaging the job market and a broad network of career opportunities.
  • Counseling services
    Faulkner’s Counseling Center provides confidential counseling services for students’ personal, emotional, social, and mental health concerns.
  • Financial services
    The Student Accounts Office is available to assist students with making payments, answering account balance inquiries, and other financial matters.
  • Registration services
    Students may register for courses online, and registration support is also available by email.
  • Student success
    Faulkner’s Student Success Office is available to assist students in a wide variety of areas related to University life, including academic, financial, and personal concerns.
  • Technical support
    Necessary technical skills and requirements are detailed as they pertain both to online coursework at Faulkner in general and to Humanities Department online programs in particular. Technical support’s YouTube channel collects helpful guidance for numerous common tasks. Students and faculty with specific difficulties or who need particular guidance may email technical support for assistance, and telephone or video conference support sessions can also be arranged as needed.
  • Textbooks
    Available book lists for seminars are maintained online (MA, PhD).