If you are a creative and intellectually curious person, you’ll love the humanities. Courses in humanities connect our development as human beings to our civilization’s accomplishments in music, language, rhetoric, art and literature.

In a practical sense, the study of humanities employs research, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. At Faulkner, our humanities students study the development of civilization through the lens of Christianity and become versatile thinkers with the ability to make connections between people, things, and ideas.

Whereas some studies train you for a specific career, the humanities train you to know yourself so that your chosen career becomes an expression of your own personal characteristics and interests. At Faulkner, we believe you first know yourself in relation to God in order to know yourself as an individual; then you’ll have an easier time realizing God’s purpose for your life.

Degree Plans

Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts)

Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)