Welcome Letter from the Dean

Dave RampersadIt is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Alabama Christian College of Arts and Sciences (ACCAS) website. Please allow me this opportunity to encourage you to fully explore the plethora of offerings within the ACCAS.One of five colleges at Faulkner University, the ACCAS is the oldest and largest, comprising 11 distinct educational units. The ACCAS provides the liberal arts core curriculum upon which all subsequent learning is based. Indeed, every undergraduate degree program (irrespective of the college in which it is located) is built upon this foundation of the liberal arts core. Historically understood, the study of the liberal arts helps students acquire knowledge and understanding as a good in itself, shape their moral character, prepare them for a useful career in the community and contribute to their freedom by avoiding the pitfalls of ignorance and parochialism.

Faulkner’s most distinguishing characteristics its commitment to the premise of the Christian faith as the foundation of all learning. As such, all academic pursuits are approached through the lens of a Christian worldview and include the study of the Bible and related courses as part of the curricular core. Therefore, whether you want to pursue English, computer science, criminal justice, history, mathematics, music, biochemistry or any of the other several majors, your study will lead you to think creatively, critically and christianly. Our integrative approach to the study of liberal arts, capable faculty and diverse degree offerings converge to create the perfect home for students seeking a quality education.

The faculty members of ACCAS are dedicated both to their field of study and their faith. You will find them subject matter experts in the classroom, while still remaining deeply committed believers. Their dedication to and care for their students is expressed in everything they do. The small class sizes and faculty-to-student ratios allow them to interact with their students on a level unique to a small, private school. Not only is the faculty able to know students by face and name, they are also able to serve the students as advisors and mentors, guiding them through both their education and their spiritual life.

Finding the perfect major is relatively simple considering the many degree options within the ACCAS. Join with us as we mold minds, champion character and focus faith. Many thanks for visiting our website and, as always, we are happy to assist you in your search and look forward to welcoming you into the Faulkner family.


Dr. Dave Rampersad

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences