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Bachelor of Science in Business

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Earn a versatile academic credential with the online Bachelor of Science in Business from Faulkner University. With a range of business and management topics, our program gives you the foundation you need for your career. The three available elective areas also allow you to choose the path that will be most applicable to your future goals.

Discover a brighter future by pursuing your business degree in a Christian environment.

Program Objectives

Our degree enhances your knowledge by taking a broad look at the business world. Engage in surveys of accounting, economics, and marketing while examining Christian values and ethics in business. Our program also includes an introduction to international culture to round out your business skills. This approach prepares you to impact others inside and outside of the workplace.

Program Design

These are just a few of the benefits that our online business degree program has to offer:

  • All classes are available online.
  • The program consists of 60 upper-level semester hours, taking place over six defined modules.
  • Complete the six modules in just one year, with enrollment beginning in August, January and April for the first module (modules are completed in order).
  • Choose from three different elective areas: Business management, logistics management or health administration.
  • A balanced, well-rounded education in business will help you excel in practically any professional field. With our innovative online program, you can improve your qualifications for future opportunities. The flexibility of online coursework allows you to continue meeting the obligations of work and family. This degree program features a cutting edge curriculum, which makes use of a corporate learning approach with integrated video segments.

Where Can an Online Business Degree From Faulkner University Lead Me?

As a non-profit institution, Faulkner University wants to make sure that our programs prepare graduates for real job opportunities. A business degree is traditionally used in areas like accounting, finance, management, or sales. Increasingly, other industries see the advantage of business-minded management. Media, advertising, healthcare, and human resources are just four examples of less conventional directions open to those who have earned an online business degree. As a faith-based institution, we are also happy to see graduates helping to manage the finances in their church. Responsible stewardship of finances can be an important Christian ministry in itself.

Graduates interested in further developing their skills can also pursue an Executive MBA online with Faulkner University. We offer a wide selection of graduate programs, many of which are available online.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Business program must meet the following admission requirements:

  • A high school diploma or GED. You must provide transcripts from all institutions attended.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and a minimum major GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants out of school for more than 5 years are not required to submit ACT or SAT. Applicants out of school within the last 5 years must submit ACT or SAT. A minimum score of 18 on the ACT or 1290 on the SAT is required.
  • A student must be at least age 23 or older. For students under the age of 23, three reference letters must be submitted to an admissions committee at the main campus in Montgomery.

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Core Curriculum: 60 credit hours

Professional Literacy: 60 credit hours

Module 1

  • BSB 3300 Business Communications (3 credits)
  • BSB 3310 Legal Environment of Business (3 credits)
  • BSB 3320 Survey of Management (3 credits)

Module 2

  • BSB 3330 Survey of Accounting (3 credits)
  • BSB 3340 Survey of Economics (3 credits)
  • BSB 3350 Survey of Marketing (3 credits)

Module 3

  • BSB 3360 Financial Management (3 credits)
  • BSB 3370 Christian Values and Ethics in Business (3 credits)
  • BSB 3380 Personnel/Human Resource Management (3 credits)

Module 4

  • BSB 4300 Business Statistics (3 credits)
  • BSB 4310 Management Information Systems (3 credits)
  • BSB 4320 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • BSB 4330 The Executive and the Family (3 credits)

Module 5

  • BSB 4340 Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
  • BSB 4350 International Culture and Business (3 credits)
  • BSB 4360 Business Policy and Strategy (3 credits)

Module 6

  • BSB Elective Area Course 1 (3 credits)
  • BSB Elective Area Course 2 (3 credits)
  • BSB Elective Area Course 3 (3 credits)
  • BSB Elective Area Course 4 (3 credits)

Total Hours Required for Graduation 120

60 semester hours of upper level courses are required for graduation.

The BSB curriculum as listed above is subject to change.

Transfer credit cannot be accepted for substitution of BSB courses.

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