International Students Financial Information


It is important to understand the financial obligations before attending a university.  Here are the approximate costs to expect for the 2023-2024 academic year.

 Cost Type Amount
 Tuition and Fees (up to 32 semester hours per year)  $21,930
 International Fees and Health/Accident Insurance  $2,000
 Room (residence hall)  $3,980
 Meals (14 per week)  $4,040
 Books (approximately)  $1,200

Funding needed for personal items and travel expenses vary.

Payment for the semester must be made in full at the beginning of each term (August and January).  Financial aid is available, but scholarship funds are limited, so it is best to apply as early as possible.

As part of our commitment to help students and their parents afford a Christian education, we have a very aggressive academic scholarship and grant program.  We’ll be glad to assist you as you build a financial aid package that will allow you to attend Faulkner University.

Academic Scholarships:

International students who have been accepted for admission to Faulkner University may be considered for the following academic scholarships.  The following scholarships are awarded for one academic year.  Renewal is contingent on current funding levels and satisfactory academic progress.

  1. Technical Specifications:
    The term “international student” is here defined as a student who comes from other countries than the USA, who carries a foreign or non-American passport, and who needs an I-20 form for student status in the USA.
  2. Policies for Scholarship Giving:
  3. The scholarships specified here apply to the type of international students defined above. 
  4. An international student who is a permanent foreign citizen and carries a green card is considered as an equivalent to a domestic student, and thus the scholarships specified here do not apply to students of this type.
  5. International athletic students are provided with athletic scholarships, so they do not have access to the scholarships specified herein. That is, an international athlete cannot receive both scholarships, but he or she can choose either athletic scholarships or international scholarships. 
  6. Students enrolled in our graduate or adult programs have no access to these scholarships. 

Chart: Scholarships for freshmen or first-time students

Level Tuition Percentage Dollar Amount ‘23-’24 School GPA
1 60% $13,158 Bible major and 2.75 or above
2 50% $10,965 3.25 or above
3 40% $8, 772 2.75 - 3.24

Applicants must score 90 or higher on the Duolingo English language test, or the minimum requirements on TOEFL or IELTS as stated in the University catalog, to obtain regular admission. If below 90, the applicant must successfully complete the intensive ESL program.

Athletic Scholarships:

International students interested in athletic scholarships should contact the coach directly:

Please direct any other questions or comments to