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Our Undergraduate Psychology Degrees in Montgomery, Alabama, and Online

Those seeking a career in the field of psychology have plenty of options at Faulkner University. Offering seven undergraduate psychology degrees rooted in Christian principles, we teach our students to connect their academic training with societal and spiritual life, preparing them for a career in which they can help change lives. Though our campus is based in Montgomery, Alabama, most of our psychology courses are available to be taken online, as well as through a traditional daytime format.

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Choose Your Psychology Degree. Combining research-based theories, skills, and methods with a Christian worldview, students will immerse themselves in the study of physical, emotional, social, and personal influences on thought and behavior in every degree program. Our undergraduate psychology degrees include:

B.S. in General/Clinical Psychology

B.S. in General/Clinical Psychology: This degree is ideal for students interested in attending graduate school in the future and offers more elective options than one of our specialized options. Students who acquire this undergraduate degree could enjoy careers in child protection services, as research assistants or human service workers, and more.

B.S. in Counseling Psychology

B.S. in Counseling Psychology: Since counseling is based upon a strong foundational understanding, this degree features core psychology principles in conjunction with counseling courses. Students who study in this area could pursue graduate degrees in marriage or family therapy and other types of counseling, with possible careers including veteran’s services coordinators, guidance specialists, case managers, and more.

B.S. in Forensic Psychology

B.S. in Forensic Psychology: This path provides students with the informational pillars for work in areas of law enforcement, within legal systems, or with rehabilitation and correction offenders, both juvenile and adult. A focus on criminal justice factions of psychology prepares students for possible careers as correctional officers, law enforcement officers, victim advocates, and more.

B.S. in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology

B.S. in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology: This degree focuses on the areas of psychology and science requirements that provide an understanding of the union of the mind and body. Possible careers include rehabilitation therapy assistants, clinical liaisons, substance abuse workers, and more.

B.S. in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology (Pre-Occupational Emphasis)

B.S. in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology (Pre-Occupational Emphasis): Requiring higher levels of math and science study and a focused internship, this degree prepares students for occupational therapy graduate programs. Students should consult with the graduate program they are interested in to ensure that requirements are met before enrolling.

B.S. of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

B.S. of Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Studying how people function in business environments and similar organizations, this degree includes instruction on psychological behavior including marketing, sales, and human relations. Career paths include jobs in business, public relations, staff development, and more.

B.S. in Sports Psychology

B.S. in Sports Psychology: This degree is ideal for student-athletes, those looking to study the psychology of sports and fitness, or students interested in the physical aspects of rehabilitation and motivation through programs that serve the mentally ill, defiant, criminal populations, and physical activities for the elderly.

Masters Degrees in Psychology

Masters Degrees in Psychology: The Master of Science in Psychology program is an affordable, fully online, program with two degree options (General Psychology, and Disability Services), and a Graduate Certificate in Disability Services. The certificate is completed in less than one year, and the degrees can be completed in either one year (two courses at a time) or two years (one course at a time). Courses are taught by caring faculty with diverse experiences, who embody Faulkner University’s mission “where every student matters every day.”

Collaborative Opportunities at Faulkner University

If you’d like to dig even deeper into the study of psychology, consider our extracurricular programs. Led by faculty advisors Dr. Guy Renfro, Ms. Becky Coyle, and elected student leaders, the Psychology Club provides a collaborative space. Through the club, students will stay updated on the latest information, encourage biblical principles, and create a network with peers and professionals.

Additionally, for students who have chosen psychology as either their major or minor and meet certain academic requirements, they may be eligible for lifetime membership to the Psi-Chi Honor Society through Faulkner University’s chapter.

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Start forging your path with one of Faulkner University’s undergraduate psychology degrees. Located in Montgomery, AL, and offering online learning options, our institution blends liberal arts academics with Christian values for a comprehensive educational experience. Contact us today to apply or request more information, and explore some helpful of the resources below:




Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is housed in the Behavioral Science department and is open to all psychology and counseling majors. It is an academic based club, but offers academic and service related social interactions among majors in Behavioral Sciences as well. The Psychology Club meets on a regular basis to accomplish the goals and purposes of the club and to encourage students to excel and contribute to their disciplines.

Specifically, the Psychology Club’s purposes are:

  1. To allow students, faculty, and professionals additional opportunities to network in the field of psychology and behavioral sciences.
  2. To serve as a means for keeping students abreast of new information including research, career issues, and other trends the field.
  3. To encourage participation in service to others in the community, University, and other avenues related to the field.
  4. To provide additional opportunities for growth and education including research opportunities, seminars, and other learning experiences in the field.
  5. To promote integration of biblical principles and Christian world-views applied to the behavioral science disciplines.

The Psychology Club is led by faculty advisors Dr. Guy Renfro, Ms. Jo Anne Waters, and several elected student leaders.

For more information on Faulkner University’s Psychology Club, contact one of the department representatives.

Visit Faulkner’s Psychology Club Facebook page

Psi-Chi Honor Society

Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in PsychologyPsi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 with a mission to encourage excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology. Students who major or minor in psychology at Faulkner and meet certain GPA, class rank, and other requirements are eligible to apply for lifetime membership in the honor society through the Faulkner Chapter. For more information, visit the Psi-Chi website at:

Faulkner’s Psi-Chi chapter is led by Dr. James C. Guy (faculty advisor), and student leaders elected annually.

Visit Faulkner’s Psi-Chi chapter Facebook page

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