Withdrawing From Courses

Occasionally, a student may need to withdraw from a course or multiple courses. If the term has not begun, the student will not be charged for the course(s). If the term has begun and it is day 1-7 of the term, a student will be eligible for 100% of the tuition cost to be credited back to their student account, however drop fees are assessed beginning on the first day of classes. On days 8-10, a student will be eligible for 50% of the tuition cost to be credited back to their student account. After day 10, there is no refund for tuition or fees.

The days mentioned above are based on calendar days, so holidays and weekends do count as days. If a course were to begin on September 1, day 7 would be September 7. Day 8, the first day for a 50% refund on tuition, would be September 8. Day 11, the first day that a student is no longer eligible for a refund on the term, would be September 11.

The withdrawal date is determined by the first contact a student has with an appropriate Faulkner faculty/staff member regarding withdrawal from classes. So, if a student determines over the weekend that he or she does need to withdraw from a course, they should go ahead and complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office or appropriate program director right away. Do not wait for the office to reopen after the weekend.

If a student withdraws after a term begins, the Financial Aid Department is required to calculate how much financial aid the student is eligible for, based on when the student withdrew/how long the student participated in the class(es). Based on that calculation, any funds that the student is not eligible to receive will be sent back. For students living on campus, they may also receive a credit for room and board based on the withdrawal/move out date and the per diem rate for that semester. Any remaining balance will need to be paid in full to Faulkner University. A Business Office hold will be placed on the student’s account until that balance is paid in full.