Book Vouchers

Because Title IV funds and other aid typically come in after the term begins, students may choose to request a book voucher to purchase their books through the online bookstore.

Requirements to receive a book voucher:

  1. Student must have a signed registration agreement for the term.
  2. Student must provide Faulkner University with all the necessary documentation to receive Title IV funds at least 10 calendar days before the start of the term.
  3. The amount of Title IV funds approved for the term must result in a credit balance on the student’s account.
  4. Students meeting all of the above requirements may request a book voucher up to three weeks before the term begins. A voucher must be requested no later than the 7th calendar day of the term. To request a voucher, contact your student accounts representative or drop by our office.

When a student submits his or her completed voucher request form, a charge corresponding to the amount of the voucher is added to the student’s account and the information is entered into the online bookstore.  After the bookstore has time to process the entry, an email with the voucher ID and other information will be sent to the email address provided on the voucher request form. The voucher will remain active for 10 days before it expires.

Unused funds will be returned to the student’s account when we receive a report from the bookstore showing how much of the voucher was used. The bookstore sends these to us one to two times a month.

Note: Students that have Chapter 31 VA benefits or companies/scholarships that cover the full cost of books are not required to turn in the information for Title IV funds, but we must have appropriate documentation prior to creating a voucher for the student. When you contact us to request the voucher, we will need to know the total of your books (including shipping). The VA will typically only pay for free or standard shipping, so if you choose expedited shipping you may have to pay the shipping charge.