Documentation Guidelines

Students who request to be considered for reasonable accommodations under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the appropriate titles of the Americans with Disabilities Act must submit a current written documented verification from a licensed physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional. A school plan, such as an IEP or a 504 Plan, is not sufficient documentation, but may help to establish a history of the disability.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain documentation and present a copy to Project Key, a service for students with disabilities at Faulkner University. If documentation is not adequate, the student will be duly notified. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain additional information when requested.

To be considered for reasonable accommodations, you must apply directly to the director of Project Key. Other university entities do not forward documentation of a student’s disability to Project Key.

Please be aware that Faulkner University reserves the right to determine if the condition or the diagnosis rises to the level of a disability under the ADA and what constitutes reasonable accommodations as well as the fundamental nature of the program.

Specific Documentation Guidelines:

Documentation should be sent to:

Heidi Guy
Disability Services Coordinator
Faulkner University
5345 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109

1-334-386-7124 (fax)