Emergency Notifications

The Faulkner University emergency notification systems on campus are in place to notify students, faculty, and staff of imminent and urgent situations that may affect the campus.

Notification Systems

Eagle Alert

Eagle Alert is an emergency notification system that notifies faculty, staff, students and others of critical information and situations affecting campus through the use of text messages, voice messages to multiple phone numbers, email, and more. This system makes immediate notifications across campus without delay.

To sign in to Eagle Alert to change your contact information, go to https://www.getrave.com/login/faulkner.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor warning sirens are operated by the local emergency management agencies. These sirens are activated for weather and other emergencies requiring action. Once the sirens are activated, members of the campus community should seek shelter and tune to radios or television for updates and instructions. Local emergency management agencies also routinely test the outdoor sirens.

NOAA Weather Radios

NOAA weather radios are located in some buildings on campus. The NOAA weather alert radios receive information directly from the National Weather Service. This information includes current weather and also any issued watches or warnings.

Building Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are in place to notify building occupants of possible fire dangers in the building. If you hear the fire alarm, evacuate the building immediately.

Questions or suggestions regarding the procedures and response should be directed to Campus Security at (334) 386-7250 or police@faulkner.edu.