Color Guard

2022 Marching Eagles Color Guard Auditions

The Faulkner University Marching Eagles is accepting applications from highly motivated women with a sound work ethic and great attitude to audition for the 2018 Marching Eagles Color Guard.

Auditions for the 2022 Marching Eagles Color Guard will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2023 on the Faulkner University campus. YOU MUST BE PRESENT!


Audition packets are available here. Download and complete the Marching Eagles 2018 Colorguard Packet and application. Mail the packet back in to reserve your audition spot.

See the Scholarship and Audition Guidelines to learn about available scholarships for band and color guard members. Larger scholarships are available for music majors.

Color Guard Coach – Neeley Langham
Neeley Langham is the Marching Eagles Color Guard Coach and she began her work with Faulkner University in the Fall of 2016.  Neeley marched with the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Color Guard from 2010 to 2014 and Alta Marea Winterguard from 2011 to 2014 where she performed in multiple football national championships and placed in finals every year at Winter Guard International Championships.  She is looking forward to another great year with the Marching Eagles Color Guard!

For specific guard information contact Neeley Langham.

Band Director Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster is the director of bands and Associate Professor of Music at Faulkner University. With over thirty years experience in music education, Stephen has directed bands in Alabama and Tennessee. He played trumpet with the Middle Tennessee State University Band of Blue and performed with the Belmont University Jazz Band. He continues to perform when time permits.

For more information contact Stephen Foster, Director of Bands.

Colorguard Frequently Asked Questions

When will auditions for the 2018 Color Guard be held?
Auditions for the 2018 Marching Eagle Color Guard will be on Saturday April 14, 2018 on the Faulkner University Campus. YOU MUST BE THERE! THERE WILL NOT BE ANY OTHER SCHEDULED DAYS TO AUDITION! Applicants will be informed as to the location. Please continue to check our website for updates.

Is there an audition fee?
Yes! The fee to audition is $10.00. Check can be made payable to Faulkner University. This will be due at time of registration on Saturday.

How many students will be chosen for the 2018 Marching Eagles Color Guard?
We have no set number to choose for the Marching Eagles Color Guard. We are interested in quality rather than quantity. ALL candidates will be judged on the essential elements listed above in addition to their work ethic and ATTITUDE!

Are auditions open to public?
The clinic on Saturday morning is open to public, as well as the performance of the individual routines. The group portion of the routine is closed to the public.

The audition process requires that I make up a short routine. I do not write work very well, will that affect my passing the audition?
No. We are NOT interested in your writing ability. We are interested in your performance ability and if you have put time and thought into your presentation. Your writing ability will not be judged.

Do I need to bring my own equipment for the audition?
The Faulkner University Marching Band will have equipment available. You may want to bring equipment that you are familiar with to perform your individual routine. Everyone will use our flag poles for the group routine.

Do I need to have props for my individual presentation?
No. Props are not allowed.

What size flag poles does the Marching Eagles Color Guard use?
We use 6 foot flag poles.

Are there any requirements for auditioning?
In order to audition for the Marching Eagles Color Guard, you must be a current student or have been accepted to Faulkner University as a transfer student or a freshman for Fall 2018.

Am I required to have prior color guard experience?
Prior experience is strongly encouraged to have the skills to perform at this level.

What do I have to wear for the audition?
Please check the Audition Information page of this packet for the appropriate audition apparel.

Is there anything I can practice to enhance my chances of making/passing the audition?
You can stay current on all the equipment fundamentals that you have learned.

Movement is an important part of all our work!
You might want to consider taking a dance class to enhance your skills in that area.

Are there any height and weight requirements?
Appearance and physical fitness are very important in the color guard. Appearance included personal grooming, poise and posture. We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements; however, being physically fit is required due to the physical demands of our performances.

Is there an appearance/performance standard for the Faulkner Color Guard?
Yes. The Marching Eagles Color Guard is a visual part of the Faulkner University Marching Band as well as representatives of Faulkner University. All those selected as members of the Marching Eagles Color Guard will agree to uphold the Appearance and Performance Standards set by the directors of the Faulkner University Marching Band. These standards include but are not limited to: performing all required choreography, maintain exemplary physical condition, and adhering to the uniformity of the group as set by the Marching Eagles Color Guard Director. Any violation of these standards may results in probation or dismissal from the group at the discretion of the Marching Eagles Color Guard Director and the director of the Faulkner University Marching Band.

If I am selected for Color Guard can I wear my hair and makeup any way I wish on game day?
NO! You will be given specific instructions as to how hair and makeup is to be worn for performances. If you have not seen the Faulkner University Color Guard, it would be advisable to look at our photo gallery located on our website. If you cannot conform to our version of uniformity of appearance, it would be advisable that you not attempt to audition.

If I am selected for the Color Guard, will I be able to receive credit for band?
Yes. If you are selected for Color Guard, you will be expected to sign up for band during the Fall semester. You can sign up for credit, or you can sign up to audit the class.

When will I find out if I am selected?
The 2018 Color Guard will be announced after results have been tabulated on Saturday April 14, 2018.

If I am selected, do I have to participate in all performances of the Faulkner University Marching Band?
YES! As a member of the Marching Eagles Color Guard, you are expected to participate in all performances. You will also be expected to follow and adhere to all rules, policies, and procedures in the Faulkner University Marching Band Handbook which will be distributed at Fall Camp in August.

If I am selected, do I have to attend a new member color guard camp during the summer?
YES! There will be a camp for leadership and new members on a Saturday in July 2018 that will be announced at auditions. THIS IS MANDATORY!

If I am selected, do I have to attend Fall Camp in August?
YES! Attendance at Fall Camp is required!

What is the rehearsal schedule after classes begin?
The Faulkner University Marching Band rehearses every day, Monday through Friday from 3:10-4:15 and on Saturday prior to football games. The Marching Eagles Color Guard begins stretching thirty minutes prior to daily rehearsals. Additionally, the Color Guard will have at least one sectional per week outside of regular rehearsal schedule. The meeting time for this sectional will be announced at the beginning of the Fall semester.

What must I do to apply?
Please fill out the application and mail it along with a recent full body photograph of yourself in either your uniform or a black leotard and a letter of recommendation from your band director to the following address:

Dr. Stephen Foster
Director of Bands
Faulkner University
5345 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Neeley Langham, Marching Eagles Color Guard Choreographer at: