Churches, Ministries, Missions, and Religious Clubs

Local Churches

The worship of God and fellowship with other Christians are vital for spiritual growth and development. Faulkner University encourages all students to connect with a local area church of Christ. Online directories for locating local congregations can be found at On-line Directories of the churches of Christ, ChurchZip or 21st Century Christian.

Ministries and Missions

Faulkner encourages students to become involved with specialized ministries. Local ministries include the following:

  • Area campus ministries
  • Compassion 21
  • Adullam House
  • Agape
  • Family Promise
  • 100X Missions
  • Save-a-Life
  • Assisted living/residential facilities
  • Woman-to-Woman

These ministries provide students with unique opportunities to engage in fellowship and service.

Religious Clubs

Students are encouraged to consider joining one of the following religious clubs on campus:

  • Pi Sigma Delta
  • Pi Tau Epsilon
  • Christians in Action
  • Christian Women in Action

Devotionals and Bible Studies

Faulkner encourages students to get together and explore God’s Word. Faulkner holds devotional periods on the Montgomery campus in the dorms, Lester Chapel and other places on campus. Residence hall devotionals are small, informal gatherings of students in their dorm lobbies or meeting areas for student-led worship, prayer and Bible study. Campus-wide devotionals are Tuesday night gatherings in Lester Chapel for worship, prayer and special speakers.