Christian Cultural Heritage

The Bible, Biblical principles and Christian faith are the heart of Faulkner University. The development of Biblical knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritage of Christianity are infused into all academic courses and programs. The Christian Cultural Heritage is a core Biblical curriculum designed to incorporate these goals.

Through the Christian Cultural Heritage curriculum, Faulkner students will complete a minimum eight courses in Biblical studies. Students are required to register for a minimum of one Biblical studies course within every 15 hours attempted. Students are encouraged to enroll in additional Biblical studies courses to enhance their knowledge and promote spiritual growth.

Lower Level requirements

These courses are to be completed by all undergraduate students

the Life of Christ (BI 1211/1311)
Book of Acts (BI 1214/1314)
Pentateuch (BI 2202/2302)
One lower level Biblical studies elective.

Upper Level requirements

These courses are to be completed by students pursuing a bachelor’s degree

Marriage and Family Relations (BI 3311)
Christian Cultural Heritage (BI 4311)
Two upper level Biblical studies electives.