High School Senior

What do I need to do during my senior year in high school?

Apply for admission

Apply for admission on-line, or complete a paper application for admission and submit it to the admissions office.

The $25 application fee can be paid by credit card in the student accounts office (800) 879-9816, ext. 7165 or by check. Mail it to the admissions office with your name and “application fee” on the memo line.

Schedule a visit

Check out our schedule of events and come for a visit. Remember, you can schedule a personal campus tour at any time.

Take care of admission requirements

Transcript and prerequisites

Contact your high school guidance counselor and request that a current official transcript, including your cumulative GPA, class rank, and ACT or SAT1 scores, be mailed to the admissions office.

Make sure the following pre-college high school courses are completed upon graduation:

    • English I, II, III, and IV
    • algebra I and II
    • geometry
    • history: US and world
    • science: biology and chemistry


Take the ACT or SAT1 test(s) as soon as possible and as often as possible before entering college. Cumulative GPA plus your highest composite ACT or SAT1 test score are critical in determining admission to Faulkner and eligibility for academic scholarships. Download free study guides from Study Guide Zone.

Financial aid

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov, or complete a paper FAFSA and mail it to the admissions office after January 1. Contact the financial aid office with questions at (800) 879-9816, ext. 7292. A financial aid award letter will be mailed to you. Carefully read the award letter, sign it, and mail it back to the admissions office along with your $200 tuition deposit as soon as possible.

Housing forms

You must fill out the required housing/health center forms, ie: University Health Services Privacy Notice & University Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Policies

After Graduation

Have your updated, final, official transcript, including cumulative GPA, class rank and ACT or SAT1 score(s), sent to the admissions office to complete the application process.

Attend one or both of our College Bound events in the summer so that you can meet your new classmates and register for your fall classes.

See you in August!