High School Junior

How can you prepare for college during your Junior year?

Your junior year is the most important year in the college planning process. This is one of the last opportunities you have to build your college resume and show colleges what you have to offer.


Take the most challenging academic schedule you can. It shows admission committees you are ready for a competitive college environment.
Register, prepare for and take the PSAT.
Begin studying for the SAT or ACT.
Take leadership roles in clubs, activities and volunteer organizations.
Begin to consider which teachers, advisors or employers you might ask for college recommendations.
Explore financial aid options with your parents/guardians by talking with an admissions counselor.
Determine when college fairs are offered in your region during the spring.
Visit different college web sites, especially the schools where you plan to apply. Find out if any of the colleges offer special summer open house programs.

February – March

Attend local and regional college fairs. Pick up admissions materials. Talk to representatives at schools you might be interested in attending.
Visit prospective colleges during spring break and other college visitation days.
Get all the SAT and ACT test dates.
Put together your resume, including academic record, extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

April – May

Check academic requirements for your prospective schools.
Have your ACT scores sent to the schools you are considering.
Have your SAT scores sent to the schools you are considering.
Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

June – August

Visit any prospective colleges. Be sure to talk to current students about the school.
Take some time to prepare for your standardized tests.