High School Freshman

How can you prepare for college during your freshman year?

Your freshman year is a very important year when thinking about your college plans. Be sure to use the following guidelines to make your college choice as simple as possible.

Use your freshman year to organize your classes and explore your personal interests.

Plan for the Future

Meet with your counselor. Discuss your career goals and the classes you will need. Plan your high school curriculum early.

Master the basics. Strengthen your reading, writing, vocabulary skills, typing skills and become familiar with the internet and different study sites.

Explore your interests through your classes. Whether its chemistry or calculus, your classes give you a chance to find out what you like. Take courses in a variety of subjects that interest you.

Get Involved

Perform community service or get a part-time job. Extracurricular activities show that you’re a well-rounded individual and you know how to manage your time.

Research summer programs. Many colleges offer summer programs, camps or college visitation activities that will get you acquainted with the campus.

Go Above and Beyond

Do your best in your classes. Remember class rank, GPA and testing scores play a major role in the college admission process and scholarship opportunities.

Get a Head Start

Don’t wait until your senior year to research schools, college entrance tests and financial aid.

Take a “virtual” campus tour on the internet.

Learn about financial aid options. Don’t let the cost of a college education discourage you. Attend financial aid seminars hosted by local schools. Ask community businesses and organizations if they offer college scholarships. You can also search scholarships on the internet.