Do you like to read, write, argue, analyze or persuade? English is a practical study that develops good communication, analytic, and persuasive skills needed for professions like public relations, politics, technical writing, marketing, and journalism. It’s an excellent major for those wanting to attend law school, and English teachers are in demand.

Faulkner’s English department combines reflective reading of compelling literature with writing and speech—all taught from a Christian perspective. Small classes and attentive professors provide lively discussion and one-on-one study. The result is students who have a deep understanding of the human experience and who are literate, responsible citizens. Our students possess the necessary skills for the next level of education and a variety of promising careers.

Faulkner offers a Bachelor of Arts in English with the following emphases:

Traditional literature and writing  – get acquainted with great literature through the ages and develop your writing skills

Composition and rhetoric – learn to communicate effectively and persuasively in contemporary society

Creative writing – express yourself by developing your own style of prose and poetry

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, English*

Masters of Education in English Language Arts *

*Through the College of Education