Goals of the Great Books Honors Program

The Great Books Honors program exists to serve some of Faulkner’s many talented students and provide a co-enrollment program in which students from all colleges at Faulkner University may participate. The course of study is designed to encourage students to develop high intellectual standards; engage in Christian, community-shaped thought; and strengthen their critical-thinking skills while growing in their faith toward God.

The-Creation-of-Adam-300x224Honors students are encouraged to pursue excellence in academic work for the glory of God and the benefit of those whom students meet for ministry. Too often, Christians are unconsciously inundated by contemporary culture with the result that, often, these same Christians are both oblivious to sin’s destructiveness and painfully unable sensibly to articulate the gospel. The Great Books Honors program attempts to help students break this mold. Through intelligent, reflective questioning and engaging dialogue, students are encouraged, in a communal context, to think “Christianly” about all areas of life, whether they be art, sports, congregational assembly, or a trip to the grocery store.

Finally, students develop their critical-thinking faculties so that, both before and after graduation, students have the intellectual tools necessary for a lifetime of fruitful, reflective thinking and reading. Additionally, students are encouraged to develop analytical abilities so that they may kindly critique their culture and bring the love of God to bear upon it. It is always the aim of the Great Books Honors faculty to help students excel in all areas, and most especially, in these listed above for a lifetime of enriched, joy-filled service.