Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department Focus and Purpose

 The social and behavioral sciences focus on human thought, behavior, interaction, and development, from personal, social, and historical perspectives.  Degrees in the social and behavioral sciences enable students to acquire knowledge and develop ideas, attitudes, and skills that not only provide a sound basis for appreciation of peoples and cultures, but also serve to prepare the graduate for employment in many fields.

A Bachelor’s Degree in one of the disciplines offered by this department prepares a graduate for employment in a variety of occupations, and to be well prepared for graduate work should the student decide to pursue such.  The analytical, research, and writing skills learned in these programs are adaptable to almost any occupational requirements of jobs in both the public and private sectors, including government, industry and non-profit organizations.

In addition to the challenging course work offered in these programs, Faulkner University is dedicated to expanding the horizons of its students beyond the classroom through  internships and other applications of competencies learned in the classroom.  Additionally, students are taught to apply a Biblical world-view in a way that makes a positive impact on people and society.  Practices of self-care and introspective improvements are taught as a means to better help others and make those positive contributions to society.  The idea is, we can’t well know how to help others until we first know ourselves.

Department Mission and Vision

 The Mission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is to teach and engage students in ways that promote critical thinking, social awareness, and personal consciousness designed to lead students through a biblically centered transformation, helping them to in turn influence the world in positive ways. Students are taught to:

  • recognize the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future.
  • be a productive influence in personal, professional, religious, civic, and global relationships.
  • recognize the important role of introspection and personal development in the process of understanding and helping others.
  • be responsible humans and citizens, understanding that every action has a positive or negative influence on others.
  • appreciate human diversity in thought and culture, and to learn from others with differing or opposing views.
  • appreciate the value of all humans as being made in the image of God.

Degrees Offered in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences


 Social Science


Minors in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students pursuing other degrees may pursue one of the minors offered in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  The selection of at least one minor is required for the B.S. in Social Science.

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