Minor in Music

A minimum of 18 hours in music courses is required for a minor, of which 6 must be upper level courses.  The following courses are recommended, but students demonstrating adequate preparation for more advanced study may choose alternatives.  Any such substitutions must have departmental approval.  At least 2 hours of private instruction is required.  2 semesters of successful ensemble participation are required.

Professional Literacy     18 hours 

MU 2231 Music Literature 2
MU 2341 Music Theory I 3
MU 2342 Music Theory II 3
  Choose two of the following additional courses: 6
MU 3331 Music History I 3
MU 3332 Music History II 3
MU 3341 Music Theory III 3
MU 3351 Choral Conducting 3
MU 4331 Christian Aesthetics & Philosophies of Fine Arts 3
  Choose two of the following: 2
(MU 11XX-41XX) Private Applied Lesson  
(MU 11XX-41XX) Private Applied Lesson  
  Choose two of the following ensemble courses:1 0/2
MU 1060/1160 University Chorus  
MU 1061/1161 University Chorus  
MU 1064/1164 Faulkner Singers  
MU 1065/1165 Faulkner Singers  
MU 1084/1184 University Band  
MU 1085/1185 University Band  
MU 1082/1182 Jazz Ensemble  
MU 1083/1183 Jazz Ensemble  

 1Registering for each of these courses requires the permission of the director. These courses may or may not be taken for credit. If taken for credit, the total number of hours for the minor in music is 20. If not taken for credit, the total number of hours for the minor in music is 18.