Legal Studies grad serves as legal specialist for Southern Company Services

Legal Studies grad serves as legal specialist for Southern Company Services

Jessica Goosby talks to students during the 2020 Marketplace Faith Friday Forums

Distinguished Alumna Jessica Goosby graduated from Faulkner with her degree in Legal Studies and is now serving as a Legal Specialist for Southern Company Services in Atlanta.

There, she provides legal operational, administration and financial support and manages all matters and their respective legal invoices.

She was recently honored by the Arts and Sciences’ Criminal Justice and Legal Studies department as their Distinguished Alumna and spoke to students about her profession.

Her work covers a variety of litigation support-related activities including e-discovery, budgeting and reporting. This work has evolved to also include managing all matters and legal invoices for SCS.

Goosby joined Southern Company Services in April 2001 and assisted Alabama Power Company, Gulf Power Company, Mississippi Power Company, Southern Company Services and Southern Nuclear with many litigation efforts. In addition, she assisted with the implementation of the new invoice and matter processing system, Legal Tracker.

Prior to this assignment, Goosby served as Civil Litigation Paralegal at Chambless Math and Carr PC, where she helped represent commercial and consumer creditors in foreclosure, collection and bankruptcy matters across the state of Alabama.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Faulkner, she also earned her graduate degree in Justice Administration from Faulkner.