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Probably the most important step in selecting a graduate program is visiting the campus. It isn’t until then that you can actually see the students and faculty as they are each day.

The most common reaction we hear from visitors on their first visit to our campus is, “I had no idea the campus was so beautiful and modern or that the people were so friendly.” Photographs alone can’t give you a true feeling for the campus, nor can they make you experience the energy of dedicated teachers and students working together and learning from one another while sharing their Christian values.

For these reasons, we urge you to visit Faulkner University to see for yourself what a special place this is and to feel the warmth and caring that our students, faculty, and alumni have come to value most.

Faulkner is a relaxed and informal place. We recommend that you dress casually and comfortably for your visit. Montgomery has a mild climate with fall temperatures ranging between 57° and 77° and winter temperatures ranging between 43° and 60°.

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