For information on these programs please email our Financial Aid office at: Faulkner Financial Aid or call them at (334) 386-7201


Alabama State Grant

Awarded to eligible undergraduate students who have been residents of Alabama for the previous 12 months. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and must make satisfactory academic progress. Proof of residency required.

Federal Pell Grant and Student Loans

Federal financial aid assistance programs.


May be available to Alabama National Guard members who are residents of the state of Alabama and in good standing with the Alabama National Guard. Must have completed basic training and AIT. Must make satisfactory academic progress.

For additional information or questions regarding Federal Tuition Assistance programs please email us at: Military and Veteran Services or call our office at (334) 386-7146

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Active Duty Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard apply for tuition assistance at
Navy tuition assistance information at: Navy TA
Other services contact your local Education Office

Other Funds

(If applicable) Company reimbursement check with your employer’s Human Resource Office.